Jagger is perfect for me…….

In my previous e-mail, I tried to give you a bit of insight into Jagger’s temperament and behavior. (Click here to read the previous blog.) It’s really hard to define (and ink on a page) some of Jagger’s intangibles. In sports, they are always talking about a player’s intangible qualities.  The sum of his personality, quirks, and potential make up Jagger’s whole.Jagger Bubbles X Boomer 049


Capturing the whole picture is not as easy as one might think. When a person starts writing about their Weim, many incidents flash before them. These time capsule-incidents can influence the word-picture you are painting. These types of comments can easily be misinterpreted by another person, so I hope I can paint a picture of who Jagger is in my eyes.  Yes, he steals the TP (and he can open doors), and to my chagrin, he digs. Regardless, he is much more than that to me.

Figuring out things…

I’ll start off by saying that I love Jagger’s temperament and I wouldn’t want him any other way. These are just snippets. Some have been a challenge which I try to correct and others just the way he is made up. He teaches me something everyday, often about myself and I can’t count the number of times he’s made me smile and shake my head simultaneously.

Our Start got off well…

He is so smart. Potty training was no problem. He had it figured out so quickly. The sit, stay and down commands were almost too easy. Leaving his food until it was “OK” was instant.

       Arrives in Canada croppedHe was and is a star…

I thought maybe he came already trained by you. Jagger came as advertised. In puppy classes he was the star of the show,

I almost felt sorry watching others handle their dogs.

However his obedience isn’t perfect.Jagger Bubbles X Boomer 028

I think Jagger truly believes he is the “Boss”

I think his dominant attitude (or maybe you would call this more of independent spirit) ties well into the next one. On and off the leash, he is a totally different being. When on a lead he is way more aggressive with passing dogs, bikers and runners. He is way better when he is off his leash and allowed to have a little freedom. He takes commands and direction much better this way. I was told he is reading off my body language either being to confident or a little to passive.

Breeder’s Note: Here is a thought in regard to the on-leash behavior. In this situation, it seems Jagger is being territorial. This is an issue with the Weimaraner. We believe Jagger sees the area near you as his territory, and he is protective of that area. There are ways to handle that, but most importantly, he must respect you and calm when you tell him to. The fact that he is well behaved off-leash is a huge plus. Many Weims are not attentive once they are free. Sometimes figuring out why a Weim does what they do, is very hard. Knowing how the Weim is wired can give a person a clue. The Weimaraner has been described as possibly one of the most territorial dogs; and one place this behavior manifests is the fence line that they protect with a vengeance. Some folks find they must install an electronic barrier to prevent interaction with sidewalk traffic.

Food Aggression, and Possessive Behaviors…..

When he gets a gift, something that is really out of the ordinary, that he thinks is extra special (ie chew toy or bone) he gets very possessive. A bit of growling and hackles get up if he feels you want to take it back. He will often leave the room with it and makes sure that he is right on top of it.   He got a Santa chew toy from my Mom for Christmas. It was almost scary how he guarded that thing. The mine, mine, mine attitude is especially true when he sneaks or steals something from me. He has gotten into my lunch while I prepare it in the morning a few times. He also likes to take off with the odd shoe, especially visitors. I really understand the importance of keeping things out of reach. He is just so fast things can disappear in a hurry.

Breeder’s Note: Again, this is a several-topic blog that we hope to address in detail at some point in the future. Managing these behaviors can be challenging. Telling people how to overcome them is difficult. It takes a knack. In cases where young children are present, it is necessary to pick up the toy, bone, or treat. It is unacceptable for them to growl at you, a child, or a person. Clear defined borders have to be established, but doing this is hard. Some people will allow them to have such a thing in their crate, but then again, the crate becomes protected territory. Some Weims cannot have special items. Getting them to understand no one is going to take it away, and at the same time you will not tolerate their protective behavior (and them not sharing with you) can be challenging. It is a longer article. We suggest if you cannot control these behaviors (and we are speaking to the large audience and using Warren’s example), that you limit things that cause the issue. In doing so, the Weim may grow out of the behavior. People with children, may need to crate their Weim during snack time. If your children carry around snacks, and your Weim is not careful they can topple them over by accident. Food obsession, food stealing, and the make-up of the Weimaraner in general, can be overwhelming to some people. The best approach is like Warren, not to over react. It is a natural behavior; however, it needs some work to keep within an acceptable boundary. 

Hunt Potential undercurrent…

I joke about him not being a hunter but I know it’s in him.

My dad is an avid bird hunter and has had Jagger out pointing on wings.

He is a Nose to the Ground Dog…

When we are out and about he nose is constantly to the ground. He’ll chase the odd bird but I’m glad he won’t take off after cats, deer or even the bears that hang around. He’ll just make sure that I see them and we carry on.

 Jagger and I hope you raise more litters like his……

There is so much more I could say about Jagger, he is such an individual. He is a great friend, and a wonderful companion. I think a Bubbles X Boomer pup, like Jagger,  could please almost anyone.

 As you know Jagger reads the blog…..

but maybe you didn’t know…….Jagger 011

On a different note we watched a Youtube video of some Owyheestar puppies last night. I turned up the volume to let Jagger hear your voice, he snapped to attention when he heard you whistle. Not sure if that’s a familiar sound he remembers. I hope it is 🙂

Jagger sends greetings and I thank you for my friend and all you do! ~ Warren

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  1. I think Jagger is a little like me – except of the food aggression. And he also reads blogs – cool!

  2. I see Jagger as more of a territorial (possessive) type. It is not his actual food, but his stuff he loves –his dad (Warren), his new toy, his bone……….”its mine and don’t you dare think you will take it away.” Snatching food……well that is more of obsession. Some Weims are food aggressive, and they need help to get past that. There are always challenges. Yes, I think he and Warren share just about everything. What a fortunate pair they are…..

  3. I’m sure together they will master this situations. Weimaraners are smart and they can learn nearly all things :o)

  4. I agree……..patience, and the deep relationship can take them where they need to go. :O)

  5. warrenhenderson2013

    There is no food aggression with him at all. Anyone can have there hand right in his bowl while he eats, he could even be pushed away from his food with no problem at all. He takes cookies very nicely from my hand without snapping.
    Its just when the object he desires is a little extra special or he has stolen the object do things get different. It gets better all the time with each experience he has.

  6. Thank you for posting this comment. Cliff and I appreciate the insight. Weims are territorial, and a lot of folks don’t understand what that means. It can be tricky. This is a perfect example one way it can manifest. Thanks ever so much for the clarification on Jagger’s behavior. :O)

  7. Sunny used to get a little possessive about his raw food that I feed him…..kibble, bones, treats, never a problem, but he used to become a total wild animal when eating raw food. We worked it out using the Don Sullivan collar, and small leash. It took a bit of time for him to realize that I am the giver of the food, not the taker, and growling at the “food giver” is a bad idea.

  8. Rod very good comment. Thanks

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