Gracie and I are learning tricks together…

Hi Cliff and Shela

Nat gets Gracie kisses.....

Nat gets Gracie kisses…..

It’s Natalie (from Reno, NV)  I just wanted to show you how smart Gracie is getting :).

Training is Fun……..

She loves training time. We train in short intervals because her attention span is still a little short lol. As of this week I am training her more on fetch, drop it and more on leave it also.

Did you say I cute Mama?

Did you say pose… I cute Mama?

Shed Antler Hunting….

Gracie May July 2013--on the lawnOur next step will be to shed antler training. I have never formally trained a dog on that but I think it would be fun or her when we go on hikes. We might be able to get a good collection antlers too!

Whoa Did She Say Rattlesnakes?

Whoa Did She Say Rattlesnakes?

There is a Rattlesnake Aversion Clinic in our Future

When she gets older of coarse and because we do have rattle snakes out here I was reading about a class available to keep her safe from snakes.

I'm a water dog Mama

I’m a water dog Mama

We have just begun…

So we still have a long journey in front of us. But both of us are having so much fun together.

Breeder’s Note: There are many reasons to keep training sessions short, and fun. The bottom-line is this is the most effective approach. If you stay consist, and enjoy the process together. You will success. If you feel it is taking too long, or it is a competition, your attitude will have a negative affect on the outcome. Nat and Gracie are doing it perfect!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the video – sometimes I can’t believe how smart they are. It’s almost a little bit scary to see that he can plan things. Is a Rattlesnake vaccine safe and sensible for dogs who life in an area with snakes?

  2. Vaccine should always be approached with caution. Your question is a complex one. A person has to weigh the risk of the vaccine, against the risk of being bitten by the rattlesnake. If possible, rattlesnakes should be avoided. The Rattlesnake aversion clinics are the second most important thing, after avoiding exposure. Finally, it depends on your Weim’s ability to cope with vaccine. A severe reaction could cause a health issue. Vaccine (all kinds) is a controversial topic. Each time your Weim gets a shot, you need ask if the vaccine is warranted (and the right one–at the right time).

  3. Thanks, that’s a very good point. Sometimes it isn’t easy to make the right decision. By now we did as much as is necessary, as few as possible.

  4. Exactly, ………vaccine can be our friend, and it can overwhelm the body. It is a fine line, that is not exact for every Weimaraner.

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