Keeping your Weimaraner from being lost or stolen!

Dear Weimlovers!

Dangers lurk everywhere for our beloved Weimaraner. We don’t want to be paranoid parents, but realistically, we have to be on the watch. Risks are many! They come from various directions; sometimes they come because we let our guard down for a moment.

Things that can go a long way toward keeping them safe are:

1. A fenced yard

The fence is important; however, if there is a gate to the outside (and there is foot traffic going and coming), this can be a problem). We know of a meter reader that didn’t close the gate, and Weim ended up at the city dog pound. It ended up costing a lot, because the Weim developed kennel cough and came back with a few other health issues.

This is my happy face :O)

This is my happy face :O)

The fence is important, but it doesn’t mean you can toss the Weimaraner out in the yard and expect them to be good. Doing so, may lead to behavior issues such as digging, barking, chewing on everything. Freedom, and unsupervised yard time needs to be earned.

The Weimaraner can learn to open gates, and some scale the fence. They can dig under the fence. If they want out, there is going to be very little to stop them. If they feel abandoned and they are out in the yard, one of two things is likely going to happen: 1. They are going to act in destructive ways out of fear and frustration. 2. They are going to find a way to find you.

Crate Training

Using the crate might save your pet’s life. For the Weimaraner that embraces their crate it can be a refuge. When you must be gone, it is their safe place. During housebreaking, it can help you train your puppy more quickly, and successfully. We are a proponent of having them crate trained because it can be a important in so many ways. Counter-surfing, chewing on the sofa, Sheetrock-snarfing, trash can emptying, etc. often happens when you are gone. It might be because they are suffering from separation-anxiety, or that they are opportunistic.


Get your pet a microchip, and register it. This is the best proof of ownership.

Collar with your contact information

Collar and Tags Included!

Collar and Tags Included!

A dog collar with the proper ID may well be the best way to get your dog home quick. Their rabies tag should be attached, or the number engraved on the collar. If your pet is licensed that should also be included. Nothing is more important than your name, your phone number, and possible the location. For example: Cliff Nielsen, the cell phone or anytime phone number, Ontario, OR. This gives the finder information on how to contact you, and it gives them where you are from. That instantly tells them if you are traveling with your pet and you have lost them, or if you are local. Getting your beloved pet back, might be as simple as a phone call.

Read Steve Snell and what information needs to be on the dog collar (Click Here).

If you fear losing them when you are away from home (camping, hunting, etc.) you might consider investing in a GPS locator they wear. Once the collar is removed, this would not be helpful. If you act quickly, you should be able to locate them. Read more click here and here

If you have to be away, take extra precaution

We cannot unwind the clock, or turn back time. It is better to be extra cautious, with specific instructions for friends watching your Weimaraner. There is a very good chance they don’t understand the breed, even if they know (and love your dog). Some people had a home away from home–a person or family that regularly provides care. This is a place that feels much like home, and has folks that understand and know them.

Using a crate during times of extra stress, when you cannot keep an eye on them is a good idea. Some people use doggie day care. There are pet care professionals who can provide assistance. Ultimately, we have to remember in our absence; the Weimaraner feels stressed.

It is important to remember that these things can happen to the best of pet owners. It takes only a second for an accident to happen. Read on for tips on finding a lost pet.

If the unthinkable happens…

Our friend, and Willow’s Mom (Jan) is an Animal Ordinance Officer. She suggests the following steps be taken to find a lost dog (or pet).

Willow works the Open House_cropJan Magnuson says the best hope of finding the lost fur-family member, is to act immediately. Here is a list of things to do if you discover your dog or cat is missing:

1. Contact any local organization associated with animal control:

  • Police Departments
  • Humane Societies
  • Other Shelters — ask your Vet Office if there is any place someone might take a found pet.

2. Put your missing pet on Craig’s List (click here to read how to do that!)

3. Notify the local media (get your story out there)!

  • Newspapers (and local publication large or small)
  • Radio Stations
  • TV Stations — they might even do a special story on lost pets, and be willing to feature you and your beloved missing pet.

4. Put up posters everywhere (and include really good photos)

5. Get your information and flyer (with good photos) to any area animal-related business.

  • Groomers
  • Trainers
  • Veterinary Hospitals/clinics
  • Pet Stores
  • The local farm store

6. Blast friends, associates, and animal lovers via email to enlist help with the search. Getting the word out is the best hope of getting her returned. Go door-to-door asking each neighbor to help you, and find out if they have seen her. Take the flyer to each person, and ask them to ask their friends, family, and work associates. Don’t be shy about asking for extreme measures. Time is of the essence.

7. Notify the microchip company, and be sure they have you on file as the current pet owner, and all your contact information correct.

The Importance of good photos cannot be overstated

Getting her story out is important, but the PHOTO ( because many folks don’t know what a Weimaraner looks like) is equally important. If they read the information, but are thinking of a different dog breed, or color, they might not recognize the dog if they see them.

Don’t forget to post a reward.

The reward is important; people tend to look a lot harder when they think they may get a reward. Additionally, if someone actually stole her, that could likely motivate them to contact you.

You might consider engaging a Pet Detective

Some areas also have “pet detective” businesses that may be able to help.

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  1. Thanks for this great and important post. We will check if we have done all what we can. Thanks for the link to the gps!

  2. sounds like a plan to me……….

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