Please Help Phillip Find Kali

Phillip writes that he has posted this ad on Craig’s List.

Please help me find my dog. She went missing Sunday, June 30th. She is my pride and joy and hunting buddy. She is very friendly and her family misses her dearly. $100 reward if you bring her home, no questions asked!!! I just want my baby girl back.Name: Kali
Breed: Weimaraner
Color: Blue (Coat is dark grayish in color or a gun metal blue-gray color-like this photo)Size: 55 lbs
Age: 2 yrs

She is licensed (M71323) and microchiped (AVID*066*622*532) She has an OSU collar on with both her license and microchip tag. She was last seen Sunday afternoon around MacLeay and Connecticut near WINCO and the middle school. Please contact me if you have any info, 503-510-3059. I am willing to give a reward for anyone who can bring me my dog. Please she is missed dearly!!!

Thanks, Phill (Salem, Oregon)

20120816_193246“Woof, Woof” I just went out the yard to look for my Daddy. He left, and the guys were busy. I thought maybe he got lost, so I went to find him.

OwyheeStar thanks you for your help……we pray for Kali’s safe (and swift) return!

NOTE: OwyheeStar holds your personal information in the strictest of confidence. Phillip’s name, and contact information has been posted at his request.

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  1. That’s a nightmare. I feel sorry for Kali and her family. Maybe they could call their local radio stations if they would be so kind and would broadcast it behind the traffic news? I hope for a happy end and we will cross my fingers and paws as hard as we can.

  2. I am not sure the radio stations would do that. Phill will most likely see this, and I will try to mention the thought to him. Yes, miracles do happen–sometimes they take time. However, the sooner she gets home the better. Thank You!

  3. maybe the smaller radio stations would do it. Has he informed the vets in his area in case someone would bring the dog for examination? Or maybe he could try the network Do you think that a gps-tracker for the collar would make sense for a case like this?

  4. I will mention that Phill need to check the comments and see if your ideas would help him locate Kali–get the word out. I am sure he was be very touched by your concern.

    GPS tracking collar could be removed. So, yes–initially it could really help you locate them if they are discovered missing soon, or if they don’t travel very far. I am not sure how long the GPS holds a charge. I think for hunters the GPS could be fabulous. Out where the dogs are running, you want to know which way to go if you lose sight of them, or they lose you.

    In town, it would depend upon if you faithfully charged the collar, and probably the quality of the collar. The technology is getting more affordable, and easier to find.

  5. I think we will order one and test it. I hope Kali will be back soon. All my best wishes and all the luck of the world for her family.

  6. I hate that Kali is missing, but it reminds us all that Weims are children. They never totally grow up. They can freak if they think you have left them. They require watching, and even then accidents can happen. Phill was not careless. His friends probably didn’t give it a thought that she would act differently because he was gone. They have watched her since she was a young pup. It is like I always say, 99% of the time you are OK. Some risks you cannot afford, because you might fall into the 1% (on a certain day, and in a certain situation).

  7. I agree – it’s just one second what can change all.And sometimes they are like wilde children.

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