Featured Weimaraner — Charlie Blue

Full of Surprises

581915_10201077028348895_449730690_nCharlie Blue has definitely developed a different relationship with each member of our family. IMAG3867-1-1She is buddy-buddy and gentle with our fourteen-month-old daughter. IMAG3911-1-1She is rowdy and always wants to play with our five-year-old son (he often gets her riled up and doesn’t enjoy the consequences—jumping and nipping). She listens to and respects my husband the most. IMAG3937-1-1-1She is calm and relaxed around Grandad. And she snuggles with me in the evening after she is worn out.IMAG3925-1

Only thing is for certain—she surprises all of us. We thought the angel food cake was far enough back on the counter that Charlie couldn’t reach it. Boy, were we wrong. Poof! Angel food cake gone, just like that. One night, after I finished drying Charlie off from her bath she escaped down the hallway to the bathroom and jumped back in the tub. I took her out and dried her off a second time and she did it againIMAG3896

Charlie Blue has been an excellent retriever from day one and she has learned to run beside the bicycle beautifully. Every day we take her on a long walk in the morning and again in the evening. She is really interested in birds :)…and squirrels, but not poop-thank goodness! We meet a lot of friendly folks on our walks who probably wouldn’t stop to talk to us if we didn’t have Charlie. The most common reactions are: “Beautiful Weim. I love those dogs. I used to have one,” and “I’ve always wanted a Weimaraner,” and “Cool dog! What kind of dog is that?”384557_10200904663639885_1948696291_n

IMAG3659-1-1We are excited for Charlie’s first summer because it will include a lot of camping, fishing, and swimming. And we are happy that she’s made a breakthrough with her commands. We’ve almost mastered come, down, and sit, but we still need to work on stay. Although our son sometimes wishes Charlie could skip puppyhood and magically become an adult dog; her surprises bring us closer together as a family. She always gives us something to talk about. She makes us smile. She makes us proud. And she makes us laugh…sometimes after the fact as in the angel food cake incident.315306_10200940642779341_1703064593_nBreeder’s Comment: AJ Irving and her husband have busy lives. We appreciate this lovely update on their family, and Charlie Blue!

AJ Irving spent her childhood in Boise, Idaho, catching grasshoppers and writing stories. Her biggest dream in the whole world was to be a writer. Her first published work, a poem about her mom, appeared in Writing Without Walls when she was in elementary school. Her mom still has a framed copy of the poem in the living room. Click here to find out about her latest children’s book.

Ian is the head brewer at Payette Brewing Company. Click here and enter your birth date to learn more about this innovative approach to brewing beer, and giving back to the community.

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    From dinner time to tubby time, our Weim never ceases to amaze us…

  2. I guessed it that she is a good counter surfer too – and a very cute :o)

  3. Weimer Olympic Sport of Choice

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