Beginnings happen


Meope (after one of the Greek God Orion’s wives)She ate and drank little, played with 3 kids, got a little wet, and is now napping.  She has a sweet disposition and is healthy and chubby. ~ Travis

Frankie is home and adjusting well

Cliff / Shela,AA DSC_3475C

Just thought I’d send you a quick note to let you guys know that our pup, Frankie, is the sweetest and most adorable pup in the world! She made the ride home with no trouble at all after a quick potty just down the road from the Wildhorse. She slept nearly all the way home and settled in at home here in no time. We crated her for a few hours this afternoon which went far better than I expected, and we will begin a proper schedule/routine for her starting tomorrow. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks. We are so happy to have her in our home and assure you she is in the best care possible. ~ Nathan

Greta’s First Born Silver Gray Male meets his family!

Hey I got siblings

Hey I got siblings

What a great pillow!

What a great pillow!

Zelda meets her family to!

Hettinger's Pick Up Zelda_5325

Zelda slept pretty well last night waking three times to go out and go potty. I made her sleep in her kennel, which she was not excited about but finally decided that she was tired enough that she wasn’t going to fight it 🙂 It still fascinates me how natural the game of fetch is for her, she even sits and waits while I throw the ball/toy.

She is my shadow today, but is starting to venture out in areas where she is comfortable. I turned on the TV this morning and it was funny watching her try and figure out where all the people were!  -Jill

Breeder’s Note: We are always glad when things go as planned. We put a lot of effort into setting each pup up for success. Every pup, and every situation is unique. It is important to get off to a great start. Freedom should be earned, and giving your puppy freedom to roam in the house unsupervised is sure to set them up for problems. Keep on the right path, and make sure the pup is ready for each step as you move forward.

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  1. The second last picture is great – it says so much – without words.

    • I agree……that one photo really would be as blog. No words necessary. It is etched on the heart of that girl, and those who view the photo.

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