Featured Weimaraner — Dora

Carrie and Dora

Carrie and Dora

I feel so bad (and amazed) that its been over a year since Dora came home and I have yet to write and tell you how much we love and adore her. Let me rewind and compare and contrast some of the highlights of the year, both good and bad…

Dora travels to new homeThen:
When we brought Dora home in the car she cried. It broke our hearts. The only thing that comforted her was burying her little head in the dark warm nook of my arm.

Car rides are Dora’s favorite thing EVER. (Which is good, because we do a lot of road-tripping). If someone opens a car door she hops right in. She likes to sniff out the the window at every turn or sharp corner. To get her bearings I presume. And to this day she loves her head to be buried in dark warm places.2012-09-28 15.02.24


I don't need a crate

I don’t need a crate

Dora hated her crate. She cried endlessly every night for several weeks (at least). We took great pains to ensure bedtime rituals were consistent, loving and firm, but still spent many sleep deprived nights switching sides of the bed so one of us could keep our fingers near her nose threw the crate and take her out to pee God knows how many times. Those were very trying times.

Consistency paid of. Dora no longer sleeps in a crate, but has a very snuggly chair in our room that she relocates herself to when Jeremy says “time for bed” every night… And more recently she’s even started wandering out to sleep by herself in the livingroom (we’re quite impressed with this very “grown up” choice, haha). She gets up with my alarm every morning and (usually) waits for my okay to jump on the bed for a good snuggle session.2012-10-06 13.34.23

Jeremy has spent the last year building our house and Dora spent every day with him, first following him around whining to be picked up and snuggled then slowly owning the woods around our house. Her main helping duties included chewing on sticks, sniffing things and racing ahead to give house tours.JeremyxDora

Dora is extremely independent and spends a large part of her days outside. She checks back in to make sure we’re still obsessed with her regularly, and also to take naps on the couch. She just started being what might be a little territorial (very loud barking) in her greeting of people of late, now that we’re getting visitors at our new place, so we’re going to implement some training to learn to sit and greet when people come to the house. Any tips you have on doing that successfully would be really appreciated. She’s quick to learn stuff but I’d like to nip this particular habit in the bud asap. She always calms down around and is sweet and gentle with people once she’s done barking at them, I’d just rather she skip the barking and extreme body wagging part.

We were so excited to have a weim for a running buddy. We couldn’t wait til she was old enough to go on longer runs. We would take her to the lake near our house hoping to lure her in for some good cardiovascular conditioning, to no avail. She just couldn’t get a handle on the water thing. And when we gave her baths you’d think she was being tortured to death.

2012-07-12 19.27.12Now: A love/hate relationship with water persists. She loves boating and canoeing. Fetching can be fun if the water to air temperature difference isn’t too extreme but even then it is of extreme importance that the face does not get wet. Baths are still sad affairs for her, but her antics once she’s out are hilarious; racing up and down the stairs all around the house pausing to roll on rugs and jumping on or over every piece of furniture in the process. Speaking of running and jumping she’s a bit of a pro and loves to show off on daily runs/walks with us and whenever visiting one of her many dog buddies. She runs us into the ground.

2012-04-07 11.23.53Then:
We started socializing Dora as soon as we brought her home as a necessity more than anything. We were going places, so she went too. We brought her everywhere we went which often meant to friends and families houses, as well as out and about in town and the wilderness. She had some run-ins with one older dog and a kid or two but I think it was all for the best in the end.2012-04-18 17.35.25

Dora likes people. She’s still pretty careful around kids and we keep a close watch to make sure things go right on both ends. All dogs are her best friends and her favorite game is to take another dog’s toy/stick/whatever away and try to get them to chase her. This does not work on her “parents”, much to her chagrin. Because Dora spends every day with Jeremy she also gets to go to hardware and home improvement stores quite regularly. She’s well known in the stores, and knows that the people in red and orange vests have treats.CarrieJeremy2012-v2

Dora is an irreplaceable member of our family. We think she’s amazing. First of all, she’s really pretty. I know I’m preaching to the choir here. These doggies are all pretty. She has such a beautiful little head and the shiniest silkiest fur imaginable. My mom likes to tease me that I bought her to be the perfect accessory. 2012-12-08 13.09.57She does get a lot of compliments. But her personality is what’s the most endearing: her twitchy eyebrows, and big sighs, the hilarious way she sits on her skinny behind like a rabbit, her constant seeking out of the warmest, softest seat in the house, how dramatic about cold and pain she is, how she falls asleep standing up, and “fake” yawns like a sea lion in the morning… so much personality, so little time. She’s very snuggly and affectionate and is happiest when curled up in a ball right up next to/between us. Her favorite activities include backpacking, snowshoeing, boating, running, hiking, camping and visiting the beach where she tries to catch seagulls. Aaand she’s picked up a few nicknames along the way too: Dorakins, Dorastoevsky, Fedora, Doodle, Small Dog (ha!) and Miss Mose to name a few.CarrieJeremy2012

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