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560315_466326876726672_202315934_nI definitely owe you a longer email with some Winston updates and photos, but I wanted to share a proud-mama story from this weekend.

After three and a half years, Winston learned to swim this weekend!

He’s been terrified of the water for years as much as I’ve encouraged him to take the plunge, but a switch was flipped this weekend and he’s no longer fearful; well, I should say no longer AS fearful.  He has a very interesting swimming strategy which is predominately derived from not wanting to get his head wet, so he spends a lot of energy keeping at least a foot of his body out of the water, which often results in much more vertical movements than horizontal (there were some funny “treading water” moments this weekend), but he will now retrieve his ball from the water as many times as we’re willing to throw it.  I am constantly amazed by how Winston is still surprising me after all these years.

We’re headed to the coast (Newport, OR) next weekend with 9 other friends and their dogs to camp and attend the Rogue Brewer’s Ale Festival where Rogue opens its doors to dogs and their owners for the weekend.  Last year Winston won the Doggie Olympics competition so we’re back this year to defend our title!

Thank you so much for all the joy you’ve brought into my life – I can’t imagine my life without Winston.

Rebecca (May 13, 2013)

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  1. Good luck for Winston – hope he will win the Doggie Olympics again. I like his bow tie – should I wear one too on the dog show? Or better a necktie?

  2. Good taste in dog Weim attire.

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