Featured Weimaraner — Magnum

Magnum Pillow

Every Weimaraner Needs a Job!

As you can see, I serve as a pillow at times. I also function as a seat warmer (in the house and the truck). Who needs a GPS when they have me in the passenger seat?

Two look-alike girls were spotted driving a rig that looked a lot like something that was parked off street at their house.

Two look-alike girls were spotted driving a rig that looked a lot like something that was parked off street at their house.








Passenger Seat Weimar

Of course, this (using of the passenger seat) is only necessary because Dad won’t let me drive.) I saw Ilsa and Indy went out for a spin, and felt a little underprivileged. 

I wear many different hats…

I have a full-time job keeping my two Weimar sisters (Hemi and Sophie) in line. Then there are the guys who hangout with dad. They are guys of a special sort. I am not supposed to eat hamburgers and hot-dogs, or even a lot of other people-food. Uhhhh, they told me why, but it completely slipped behind my left ear. Or was it my right ear. Well, it slipped out of the forefront of my thoughts.

Mike and Turbo Demonstrate why pets are safer on Camino Island

Mike and Turbo Demonstrate why pets are safer on Camino Island


When Turbo went over the rainbow bridge, Dad needed a new sidekick. I am he! Nonetheless, there are so many things that Turbo did. Some of these things I have been informed I can skip–such as eating an artificial tree limb and needing surgery. However, working as a firehouse dog, is one of my important jobs. I have to be well-behaved, friendly, and keep secrets. I have this covered!

Mike wrote (05/12/2013): Magnum is doing great…

Growing well, maybe too well–I’m thinking he is going to be our biggest Weim yet.

Breeder’s Note: Magnum’s parents are Millee (who weighs about 50 Lbs) and Stackhouse (who tops the scales at about 85 Lbs). Predicting the Weim’s final adult size is tricky.

Whatcha gonna do Cliff?

Whatcha gonna do Cliff?

We have Bernie (a longhair female from the same litter as Magnum). She seems to be smaller, which is normal for a female. However, it remains to be seen how large either of these two litter-mates will grow. It should be noted that slow growth is very important for the large breed Weimaraner puppy.

Cliff recommends a High Quality Large Breed Puppy Chow for the Weimaraner (4-5 Star)

Never feed your Weimaraner puppy regular puppy chow. This puppy chow is designed to encourage puppy-growth which is great for the small-breed pups. Like so many topics, there is a difference of opinion on whether to use large breed puppy chow, or regular adult dog food.

Wuz that a birdy??? Where'd it go Cliff????

Wuz that a birdy??? Where’d it go Cliff????

Treats count, and add up at the end of the day!

Cliff believes the grain-free large breed puppy chow is going to serve the Weimaraner better than most other choices. It is important to remember treats are counted as part of the diet, just as our snacks add up as well.

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  1. Magnum is a wonderful name for a Weimaraner, mom is keen about the name and this fabulous guy :o) The picture of Indi and Ilsa is priceless – wish I had this as a wall poster.

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