Featured Weimaraner — Gunner

We Meet

We Meet

 I have waited a long time for this…

Gunner's Favorite Crate

Gunner’s Favorite Crate

Gunner is doing well and is as adorable as ever.

The crate has not been a problem at all and he responds well to it.

Adjusting to life well…

We have been working on house training and that seems to be going pretty good too, doggy doors go in this weekend!!

On-going Socialization etc.

IMG_1057Overall, he has been a blessing and I couldn’t have asked for a better pup. He is still skittish around others but he is getting use to being around other people and other dogs, just taking some time for him to warm up to others.IMG_1055

Waiting here — I think it is time to do something fun…

We play fetch everyday and I think we have a hunter on our hands, he loved fetching pheasant tail feathers 🙂 He has been everything I hoped and more!!!

Breeder’s Note of Thanks: We appreciate the referral and recommendation. Thank You Janice, Scott, and Rod. We are glad we had this pup that would work for Dana! We like win-win situations!

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  1. I like his name, sounds good for a Weimaraner :o) I’m always happy to read about the dogs and their wonderful furever homes :o)

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