The Top Ten Toxic Substances

Top 10 Toxins and Poisons for Dogs


You don’t say…

  1. Chocolates
  2. Insect bait stations
  3. Rodenticides (mouse and rat poison)
  4. Fertilizers
  5. Xylitol-containing products such as sugar-free gums and candies
  6. Ibuprofen
  7. Acetaminophen
  8. Silica gel packs
  9. Amphetamines, such as ADD/ADHD drugs
  10. Household cleaners

The Weimaraner is prone to getting into trouble, and this includes life-threatening trouble.

Make sure your pet’s health coverage covers all Top 10 Toxins and Poisons and more. There are literally hundreds of toxic substances. This is the AKC top ten listed offenders. Looking it over might save your pet from pilfering something, and suffering the consequences. The inquisitive, and scent-driven Weimaraner is prone to sticking its nose in places (and helping itself to things that smell or look inviting).

Other foods, plants, and chemicals to watch out for…..

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  1. Thanks for the list and the links – we had a bad adventure with the silica dry packs (it was in a shoe ). I hate this small hell-packs. They are even in bags with dog treats, that’s weird.

  2. Yes, they are everywhere. I realize they prolong the life of a product, and prevent toxic mold. Regardless, a person has to be so vigilant. Hell-packs are everywhere, but the list is very very long. Ten top items keep us on our toes. We don’t want our best friend to get into trouble (or worse).

  3. specially if the best friend is a Weimaraner, they have the strangest ideas ever and they can do things we undreamt of…

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