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20130321_094153Moxie is 16 Weeks Old

Now that Moxie is older, I thought it would be a good time to update you on her progress.

Car Ride and No Crate Today!

Car Ride and No Crate Today!

She is a very smart dog.

She starts her puppy  training classes this Saturday. She already knows how to sit, take treats from Mommy/Daddy and reject them from the mail man and dog catcher.

Less biting more fun!

Her nipping/biting has subsided. She is already 24 pounds. She is really good at playing ball and almost has learned to drop the ball in our hands when returning it. She points at everything, birds, cats, airplanes et cetera.

We hope you enjoy these photos of MoxieIMG951854

I love this of her passed out on our bed after playing with our other dog wiggle butt.

We are very thankful to have her in our life. Hope all is well with you, Cliff and Lacie

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  1. Please bear in mind that Animal Control Officers (ACO’s) are generally animal loving people who got into the career because they care so much about animal welfare and public safety. I have been an ACO for 25 years and I LOVE animals and spend many exhausting days returning lost pets to their owners, helping dog bite victims (usually children), preventing animal cruelty and making sure people are taking proper care of their pets…you would be horrified if you knew what I saw every day at work…
    Please don’t call us “Dog Catchers” and please don’t teach your dog to fear us, we are the “good guys”! Thank You- Jan Magnuson, ACO for the Des Moines, WA Police Department and President of the Washington Animal Control Association (and a Weimaraner owner/lover for 35 years).

  2. I like the last picture, Moxie! That’s my favorite position too :o)

  3. Another blue longhair female, that lays on her back. That is too funny. I thought the boys were the ones that did this the most. :O)

  4. Cheryl Wertheimer

    she is beautiful

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