Featured Weimaraner Duo — Charlie Mae & Mace

Best Friends April 2013

Life has kept our family busy the last few weeks with a nice trip to Disney World over to top things off 🙂  We had a blast, but we were missing our Pups TONS by the time we were done with our week away (Especially Elle our 7 year old!), they are some of her friends for sure!

Leaving New Additions Home is Precarious at Best!

While away we had the neighbors housesat in hopes of the least disruption to the puppies environment as possible as Mace especially was just getting used to the new normal (having to go potty outside!).

Not coming back when called means the dog yard ....Elle please save us!

Not coming back when called means the dog yard ….Elle please save us!

While away things went pretty well all things considered.  There were a few accidents, and a couple of the wall corners (at puppy mouth height) will need some repair..   Charlie Mae decided to let us know how she felt about us being gone by peeing on our bed 2 times at night before the sitters could get her into her crate.  This is something she’d never done before and hasn’t since, so it was just stubborn Weim letting us know she was unhappy I guess…

We home and the kids are happier

We got them clean, just empty now....Weimar prewash cycle completed!

We got them clean, just empty now….Weimar prewash cycle completed!

Anyway, we all got back into our groove within a couple days so everyone’s back being good and growing up.

We love this slash pile!

We love this slash pile!

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