Featured Weimaraner — Virginia’s Stormy

What do you mean I am not girlie?

What do you mean I am not girlie?

Here is my Stormy Monday at 15 months. She is well over 95 lbs.  Last time she went to vet she weighed 88 lbs. She is definitely a Big Girl.  She seems to love to sleep with her legs wide open and her private parts exposed, along with her teeth.

She is my girl, a handful all the time.  We always say, if she was a person, she would wear a baseball cap backwards, wear low hanging jeans, and flannel shirt. There is “nothing” lady like about Stormy, she is a tomboy thru and thru.

Stormy in the pool

Stormy in the pool

Breeder’s Note: Females in this breed are often more challenging than their male counterpart. (Lol) People who come to this breed relate to their previous female, and believe the Weimaraner female will be an easier choice. To that we say maybe. A male Weimaraner may be oppositional, and challenge your authority, however; they normally are invested in pleasing you. Whereas, the female can find ways to subvert your authority, and to get her way. They are cunning, manipulative, and sometimes naughty. There are exceptions, but overall (to one degree or other) this is true. Nevertheless, many prefer the female finding their behavior entertaining.

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  1. She would be the perfect match for Easy 🙂 🙂

  2. I know he has the hots for her. (Lol) Finding the right match for Willow, requires a lot of research. Every lineage has their weaknesses. Over the years we have learned the importance of getting the match right. Ultimately Jan has the say about who father’s Willow’s babies.

  3. I was thinking you were talking about Willow. Stormy is altered. We sell almost every puppy we place on Limited AKC Registration (with a spay/neuter agreement).

  4. I was talking about Stormy and SIR EASY RIDER D’ ARGENTIA MIST KNIGHT OF THE YELLOW RIVER (http://easyweimaraner.wordpress.com). There seems to be a magic affinity between their characters! 😉

  5. “We always say, if she was a person, she would wear a baseball cap backwards, wear low hanging jeans, and flannel shirt. ”

    Thank you…..that really made me smile today……!

  6. Rod I am glad this made you smile

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