Saying Good-bye to Kaos

Kaos and Ozzie

Kaos and Ozzie

Kaos passed over the rainbow bridge

I wanted to let you know that my amazing boy Kaos passed away last Saturday. There was no sickness or suffering. Kaos pillow boyHe was great right up until a few days before. They think he had a tumor that ruptured and then he had internal bleeding that just made his body go to sleep within a couple days.

Kaos was loved by all!

I can’t even tell you what Kaos brought to our lives. He was one amazing soul and he was loved by everyone around him.


Ozzie has never known life without KaosKaos with toy

Ozzie is adjusting but he sure does miss his best buddy. We are hanging in there as we have nothing but great memories to keep us happy.

Breeder’s Note: Thank you Sarah for letting us know of Kao’s passing. Of course, we will write you a separate email, but we didn’t want to post this without our sincere condolences for your loss.

The unfortunate reality is that something catches up with every living creature. A few beat the odds and live longer than average–some by far. We all know it is inevitable. It is just not the fun part of having critters in our life. Sarah is right. Kaos brought them joy, and they have a boat-load of good memories. The bottom-line is these wonderful creatures make our lives better.

This week our mail brought news of two Weims who recently departed from their earthy family. We suspect they are both busy in the heaven entertaining people with their antics. We get notes from people who write us about other Weims that pass too. We hear of problems, and situations. We have gotten notes from people around the world asking us for advice. We do what we can. We do not post or share everyone we receive. Nonetheless, on occasion, we will share some of the less upbeat news. We appreciate everyone who puts so much into giving their OwyheeStar Weimaraner the best of everything. May they live long, and fill your heart with memories to cherish when they must depart. Embrace every moment for we know not how many moments any of us will have in this life.

Kaos some time ago...

Kaos some time ago…

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  1. Bye Kaos – that’s so sad. To lose a friend is always as if the world would stand still for a moment. And if she is revolving on, nothing is like before. Thanks for this sensitive post.

  2. We don’t want to become the bad news center. We know that some of the beloved OwyheeStar Weims will pass on. It breaks our heart. From time-to-time we need to post something like this. Kaos made a lot of folks happy. He will be missed by many. Thanks Easy….

  3. It will take time. Grieve, but do not let it ruin your life. In my 66 years I have been owned by 10 fur children, two of them Weims. My first Weim died a tad over 7 years ago and I cried like a baby. My current Weim, Beau came to us shortly thereafter from Shela and Cliff. He is a joy and wonder and fills our lives with happiness. I still visit the site where my former Weim is buried, have installed a marker and bring Beau and family along on the anniversary of his death. My wife still sniffles a tad, but I just kinda talk to him and tell him we still miss him and think of him. I have 3 other dogs buried nearby as well all in a local Pet Cemetery. I may be somewhat eccentric, but I loved all of my fur kids, still do, at least in my heart and mind. Each of them still live on with me and share a special place in my heart. It does not make me sad, but the memories of them and the times and joys we shared are a special kind of place I can visit on days or nights I drift back to those times we shared and relive but for a moment or two the fun and happiness we shared together. I know there is a God and I hope he has reserved a special spot for our fur children to be with when we die. I look forward to meeting all of them again! Celebrate your fur childs life and do not dwell on his death as I am sure that is what he would want. My condolences.

  4. A very nice commentary H J….thank you. You are so right!

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