Featured Weimaraner — Atticus

Traveling with Mom

Traveling with Mom

Our trip home went so well!

I’ve named him Atticus. Squiggle isn’t super interested in him so far. We stopped a couple of times for a bathroom break. He stays really close and sits on my feet if I stand still. He ate some food, drank some water and spent most of the time asleep on my lap or next to me.

Atticus and my cats

He has met the cats and isn’t afraid of them. They are the same size as he is right now, and they are trying to figure out what this new creature is. Atticus doesn’t have the ‘normal’ dog reaction to their hissing at him, he thinks its a game.

IMG_4849He did really well on his first night.

He stayed in the crate from 10pm-3am. He had an accident, but I think it was because I wasn’t fast enough to get to him. He does cry like he is being tortured though. And he’s very loud. Doing well today eating and playing. I brought him to work with me today to work on the crate training and being alone, but the other couple of students working the weekend shift are spoiling him rotten. Tomorrow he will have to stay home and I can go let him out at lunch. So we shall see how it goes.

He does like to retrieve.

He did it with a stick and some toys. He’s very sweet, just wants to snuggle all of the time. He is quite whiny, but I know that will change soon, when is he used to things and more comfortable. He cares more about where I am, than where the other animals are, trying to follow me everywhere. The leash is on him, but I never have to use it as he never goes farther than a couple of steps away. He likes to come and sit in between my feet and put his head against my leg.

All in all, so far so good.IMG_4847


Thanks for the gorgeous pup!! I’ll send a new update soon. ~Marika

Breeder’s Note: Marika is a veterinary student in Pullman, WA. Her new puppy is a longhair blue.

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  1. Wow! Atticus – that’s a great name of famous greco-roman clebrities. I like it.

  2. anything to make your day……hope the foot issue is getting better

  3. sadly not – but a vet appointment on valentine’s day? that’s a strange kind of love :o) But I’m glad we found the vetericyn at amazon ;o)

  4. Vetricyn can cure a world of hurt. It won’t fix everything, but it is surely amazing stuff. We combine it with some other things at times, but mostly just use it. It cannot hurt which is a huge plus……get well soon. It would be grand if it cleared before your Vet visit. :O)

  5. I think the vet would agree – this wrestling with me before he can start isn’t easy ;o)

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