Featured Weimaraner — Stewart

Happy birthday to Stewart and diva!

                                I can’t believe they are 5 years old!Stewart Jan 2013C

We almost lost our beloved Stewart…

We have had quite a year. In August Stewart bloated! It was horrible!!! We almost lost him. We managed to get him to vet in time and he had surgery. (Not cheap!) feel very lucky to still have him with me. Not sure what caused it. I am very careful with him eating before/after exercise and all that jazz. No clue what happened. Just glad he’s still here 🙂 I think he knows he’s lucky too. He got a little sweeter after that 🙂

This how we spent a lot of our time after he got home...

This how we spent a lot of our time after he got home…

We moved to Medford…

We also moved from Myrtle creek to Medford. He finally has a fenced in yard! Not that he’ll stay out there without me lol. He’s such a people dog. He has no clue he’s a dog I tell ya. But we have a hike close by and a dog park!! The dogs love it there 🙂

He and his brother a best friends...

He and his brother (Leonard) are best friends…

Stewart Jan 2013FStewart has matured…

He has really matured and is a wonderful dog. My best friend! He’s definitely still a weimy and still stubborn as all get out. But he’s a lot calmer and listens a LITTLE better 🙂 I can never thank u enough for giving me such a wonderful companion.Stewart Jan 2013A

Stewart Jan 2013B

Stewart at Halloween. He loves me 🙂

Hope all is well with u and cliff and all those beautiful weims. Take care!

~Tanya  (January 12, 2013)

Diva and Cliff January 2013

Diva and Cliff January 2013

Breeder’s Note: Diva is Stewart’s litter-mate (sister) which Cliff kept to hunt-train. He still has Diva, and you might have seen the video of the three blue Weims running in the field with Diva. If you did not see that video, you can click here to find the video link.

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  1. Bloat our greatest fear too. I’m glad Stewart survived- Happy, Happy Birthday to you

  2. I think it is important to never forget that each day we have is a gift. We need to live it as it is our last, and embrace each moment. Even if there are many moments to be had, there are never ever enough. Hugs

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