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Charlie under the treeBreeder’s Note: The lovely Charlie developed a (Urinary Tract Infection) UTI. Unfortunately, a percentage of female Weimaraners will develop either a UTI or puppy vaginitis. In our experience, usually the pups who have the UTI develop vaginitis. Vaginitis is so common in female puppies that there is little to nothing you can do to prevent it. Some clients have had success by using the Vetricyn to clean their private area. We have never known a girl , not to grow out of this problem. About the time, you want to pull your hair out (if you have any) the problem mysteriously goes away. Dr. Calhoun (at the Idaho Veterinary Hospital) shared with us that he sees this happen with a lot of pups, and usually around six months it clears up. Another time this problem might develop is near their first heat cycle.

Charlie settles into her new family!

We are a few days in on Charlie’s medicine and things seem to be getting better, although it still seems like she squats to pee quite often..  We go outside and she pees, then sometimes she will squat again a min or so later.  This doesn’t always happen, but I’m extra sensitive to it now.    She might just be too busy to finish the job the first time :).Charlei stays warm

She got Chilly when we were outside putting up Christmas lights on Sunday :), She’d have fallen asleep in my coat but Elle wanted to hold her..

Other than the UTI, all is going well!  We hung some bells from the door that she goes outside from and she started ringing the bells when she wants to go outside!  She’s slowly earning some freedom, but generally she’s in her pen or under close eye while we work through potty training.

The crate training is going wonderfully, we keep her busy for about an hour before bed and generally speaking she is sleeping through the night without any accidents and not waking us up to get out.  When we have to go somewhere that the dogs can’t join, we are locking her up in the crate and she has made it several hours during the day without any problems also.Charlie being cute under the tree

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  1. oh…the pictures are so cute… I spend my first weeks too in my dad’s coat – it’s the best place for a puppy ;o)

  2. Thanks……it is precious. She is much-loved!

  3. Next to Daddy’s heart…….always (one way or other)

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