Featured Weimaraner — Shaydee

Shaydee traveled well!

Shaydee arrived safely at her new forever home–she loves her family, and they love her too!

Hollee reports: We made it home about 6:30 last night. WHEW! what a long trip it seemed. Their were tons of deer and elk along the road, but thank goodness we didn’t pick up a hood ornament on the way home.

Shaydee is our snuggle-bug!

To be absolutely honest with you – I ABSOLUTELY love my Shaydee !!! She has been such a good girl. SO smart and she really traveled well. Then she was a ball of energy when we got home and she met the kids. They adore her! I don’t think any of us wanted to go to work or school today – we just wanted to play with her.

The Farm Store

We ended up going to your favorite farm store (D&B Supply) yesterday and got her same puppy food you have been using. We also happened to pick up a little Boise State Jersey (soooo cute). I included some photos of her in the BSU Jersey. I loved that store! I could have bought a TON of things! 🙂

Shaydee just learned that when you join the family, you take on the political affiliations, religion, and team fanaticism. Go Broncos!

PS: We all love Shaydee, but even the old man Meade (our original Weimaraner) doesn’t think she is too bad. he just gets on the higher couch to get out of her reach. 🙂

Breeder’s Note: OwyheeStar thanks Hollee and Wes for their continued support. Their recent loss of Gracie hit hard and deep, and condolences have been sent their direction. Now, Shaydee has a large set of paws to fill. We know she is up to the task!

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  1. Why are they all sooooo cute?…aaah it’s a Bronco-Fan ;o)

  2. oooooh –they are OwyheeStar Weimars what can we really say???? Yeah, Bronco Fan from the Panhandle of Idaho–up north. We live in the sticks, and so most everyone around here (which is hundreds of miles from here) is a BSU Football fan. Then we have the Ducks and Beavers (Oregon and Oregon State) too. Some of our clients are Washington fans. It seems we like our American football. Dusty says “Woof”–I think that means he likes it as long as he doesn’t need to dress up.

  3. I like Football too, specially tackling and body checks :o)

  4. Of course you do! You are very cute in every way…

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