Durable Chew Toys for the Weimaraner

Hi Shela and Cliff (and OwyheeStar News readers! Sharyl and Steve in Sisters, OR here – 

We enjoy your daily blogs (the OwyheeStar News), find it a great combination of interesting, useful, and fun postings. Thank you for all your work! Today’s was something I wanted to personally respond to – re: the weim’s love to chew:

Lu (True X Benton 2011) proved your point early on, shredding everything of Shea’s (our now 3 1/2 year old golden retriever) that was soft. We rescued and packed away the soft stuff, and tried numerous toys for Lu….she also the first 18 mos tried her “own version” of toys: ends of rugs, corners of molding, rocks – which she still adores but never swallows – etc. 

I wanted to share that there are two toys that she has had for at least 14 mos, and adores, and after very hard chewing and gnawing, they are still intact, no chunks out even! The first one is shaped like an “S” in hard rubber, called the “Bumi” and we have the green one, the largest. She also swings it around and occasionally tosses it, and plays tug-of-war with Shea.

The second one is even better for self-play, it’s the Kong Genius Mike toy – it’s designed to put treats in if you want, but she just likes the size of it (large) and gnawing on it, and plays endlessly with it. Below is a picture showing her craziness in one of her fave positions.  Lu’s doing great, hard to believe she’ll be 2 soon. Seems to be listening better, but still is a bully with Shea. Runs like the wind on our walks every morning, and is stuck-like-glue to Steve most of the time. Has two levels of energy: 100% off, or 1,000% ON, but she does like her naps in the sun after the runs.

Breeder’s Note: When we receive notes like this one, sometimes we never get the great information posted. For that reason, we wanted to pass this along quickly. There are several good toys, but it is always great to hear of a durable and well-loved Weimaraner option. Thank you Sharyl and Steve for writing us, so we could share this information.

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  1. Lu is very flexible, looks great!!!

  2. She is a ‘hot number’………on so many levels!

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