The Weimaraner = Couch Potato

Ray and Nancy’s Gus on his Bear Rug

Gus loves his bear rug!

The question could be asked, “how can such a high-energy critter, become so comfortable for hours sitting on (or laying glued to) the sofa?” As many of our long-time OwyheeStar clients have discovered, the Weimaraner has two speeds–on and off. I suppose it might be said that they can idle when hunting, but I wouldn’t know myself (Shela) because I don’t hunt. There must be occasions when the Weimaraner pokes-along looking for things when there is no-scent, or sight of prey. However, I am not positive that I know what I am talking about when it comes to field work.

Gus enjoys the sofa too!

Comfort is Important!

Nonetheless, the Weimaraner enjoys comfort as much as their human-counterpart–of this, I am sure. Nancy writes of Gus, “He is under the covers.” “He is wrapped in his bear rug.” These more-than-comfortable (spoiled) Weimaraners are commonplace among the OwyheeStar crowd.

Jill writes, “ I’m always sitting in the chair across from them (Odin and Uli), and it really makes me smile to see Uli crawl up with Odin and work her way in.” ”He just softly growls his annoyance.”

Uli and Odin enjoy (share) the couch

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  1. Bandit curls up on his blanket in his corner of the couch. Well…he doesn’t just have the corner, he has the chaise lounge of our sectional couch. I laugh every time Bandit does that murmuring sigh. Sometimes it seems like it’s in response the what’s going on and other times I think he does it to remind us he is in the room. I love my Weim!

  2. haha that’s true!!! but we are generous and share our place in a bed or on a sofa with others :o)

  3. True, some Weimaraners hog the sheets, covers, or mattress–but they could want the entire bed right?

  4. of course – specially when we have problems with the hierarchy in my crib :o)

  5. ooooh ahemm………….gotcha

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