The Blue Weimaraner

6 Week Old Blue Female

We (our OwyheeStar email) receives a lot of notes regarding the blue Weimaraner. Some people write they cannot tell the difference between a blue and a gray Weimaraner pup by looking at pictures. We have had some people send us a picture of a Weim they received from another breeder asking us about the coat color. All too often these notes included a photo of a gray Weimaraner sold as blue. Why would someone do that? The only explanation is they wanted to sell the puppy; therefore, the breeder said the puppy was a “rare” blue because the prospective buyer asked for a blue. Strange things can and do happen all the time.

Rare has been a term often applied to the Blue Weimaraner. First, let say there is nothing rare or hard to find about a blue Weimaraner. At least, this is true for America. Anyone who has an intact gray or silver-gray Weimaraner, need only mate themto a Blue Weimaraner of the opposite sex. It should be noted, however, that two grays (or silver grays–or any combination not including a blue) cannot result in blue pups. Any breeder who produces blues without at least one blue parent would need to show absolute proof (via notarized DNA testing) that they have produced a blue pup. To date, this has never been proven. Any breeder who tells you that the Blue Weimaraner is a rarity, is either not informed or not honest. Nevertheless, a quality blue pup can be hard to find. Until recently, there were few blues being raised by reputable breeders.

Secondly, we want to say that we have found the blues to be the same (in every aspect other than coat color) as the gray, or silver-gray Weimaraner. That is a question we are frequently asked. You can easily see the distinct coat color difference which is evident in these photos.The depth of color and hue can vary a bit with the blue. The same is true with the gray coats where color ranges from a very light silver gray to the darker roe gray. The lighter blue can be seen above. Color darkens as the pups age, and many blues are almost a stunning black color by the time they reach nine months.

The origin and general acceptance of the blue coat color by the various Weimaraner clubs are clouded with dissension. Not everyone is in favor of this color. This has caused the formation of Blue Weimaraner clubs (in America and other countries). There is a split in loyalty among some Weimlover’s attention. Regardless, there are many fans who love both colors and would relish the Weimaraner Club of America’s (WCA) acceptance of the blue color. That is not likely to ever happen The DNA marker for the blue coat color is not a recessive genetic trait like the one for coat length. The longhair DNA marker is carried by many short hair (or smooth-coated) Weims. As you can see this topic is a complex one. Many are lead by their heart, and those who embrace the blue coat may not define how it is carried. It requires at least one blue parent to produce blue pups within the litter.

Americans have been labeled free-thinkers. Increasingly, the world at large is falling in love with the Blue Weimaraner too! We understand both sides of the fence, but once you have been loved by a blue all is  lost. They are stunning, elegant, cute, intelligent, manipulative, and more. They are a Weimaraner!

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  1. We love both, all Weimaraners are gorgeous, no matter if they are blue or gray – the main thing is they are healthy and they are feeling well …and this little Lady has stolen our heart, I think :o)))

  2. We are addicted to the Weimaraner–all colors and coat lengths are good. This little girl is a doll isn’t she. She belongs to a family in Boise, Idaho. I think she is going to be the true versatile Weimaraner–hunting and family duties included.

  3. She isn’t only a girl for “awww cute” she is a trigger for “be mine”….

  4. I think you have an overactive everything. 🙂 You are beyond cute!

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