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Hey Woof!  It is Tripp writing from Medford (Oregon).  My old family could not keep me, and I was sad and frightened. Cliff helped me adjust and then found this wonderful new lady. She takes me everywhere, and we have fun together.  She says I am the best thing that has happened to her in a coon’s age.

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We found this wonderful place to visit. Mom calls it the lake.  She was surprised how much I liked the water. Then went to see a bigger lake. Mom called it the ocean. We have been spending a lot of time at the beach—two weekends. So, I didn’t have time to write. Look at these great photos.  I don’t miss my old family anymore.  I guess I have a full time job making Mom happy. 

Note from Tripp’s HumanHe’s such an awesome dog (Weimaraner). We are having so much fun together. I took him to the lake last week just to see if he liked the water and he had an absolute blast. In and out of the water, up and over the log and around and around. After that we went to the beach and he loved that too, practically diving in, so of course we had to go back again this last weekend too. He’s been really great for me, I haven’t been this happy in months! thank you so much!!!

 Rachel (May 29, 2012) 

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  1. Awww this is sooo cute.. Glad he is making you happy Rachel… He could be a good dog after all:)

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