Jack is a more compact Weimaraner

Jack just turned four back in January – crazy! 

He stayed small, right around the 49 lb mark, and it keeps him very active for sure… Of course; this is the time of the year that makes for a puppy who is always waiting for us to do something with him. Soon the nice weather will be here, and we can do more biking and hiking with him. Zach still gets him out hunting from time to time, just not as much as he’d like and though there has not been much training on his part, Jack takes right to it and works hard to find the birds.

Most of the photos we sent, were taken during our last mini-vacation over in Eastern Oregon. We did a road trip with a little camping on the way in a few different locations. No birds found, but everyone had fun. I think my favorite is Jack in his bed at the camp site (which is near the top of this post). Jack loves to work, but at the end of the day is a true city boy. He refuses to sleep on the ground or ever curl up in the dirt like any uncivilized dog would do :).

He will only relax by the campfire if you put a bed or blanket out for him and when he really wants to be to be in your lap. We even have to bring him his own theramarest for the tent. His own dog bed doesn’t have enough cushion to suit his tastes. On more than one occasion we have awoken to him pushing us off our bed while trying to squeeze between us.

So I refer to him a city dog whenever we are camping with friends. This comment always brings a huge laugh from our friends, as their Labradors will easily take a spot in the dirt close to the fire, but not Jack. He may be a city-boy when it comes to his comfort, but he doesn’t hesitate to take a roll. This turn of events would task place when he chooses to roll in something awful smelling whatever. So his city-ways have nothing to do with him wanting to stay clean. Jack just likes his comforts.

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