Annie, the Weimar in Goggles Again

Annie Models Her Goggles

You may remember Annie posed in her goggles on the snowmobile last summer. Since her debut, she has worn other costumes. For one, the Christmas Antlers. Read on, as Annie reports on her parent’s obsession with Weimar fashion.

Dear Weimaraner Pups,

I would never have dreamed when I met Bob and Patricia (Mom and Dad) that I would need to wear goggles and snowsuits. I must admit these are the best folks in the world with one tiny exception. They seem to get a hoot out of seeing me wear human garb. I personally don’t see the point, but they apparently think I am cute. They sure get a hoot out of seeing me dressed in goggles and duds of one sort or other. I am glad I am so entertaining for them.

How in the world did this happen? I am woofin not sure. Anyhow, we went to Diamond Lake, which is not far from Crater Lake. There was a lot of snow.

Looking Good Don’t You Agree?

We got more than a few smiles and raised eyebrows when folks saw me. Look, I have a spot for tail-wagging right out the back. Everyone thinks I look pretty cute in the special snowsuit.

I guess I am more than special!

Mom and Dad make over me all the time. I have a lot of work around this place, but they keep me in the best of everything. We do a lot of fun things together. They are really into the snow thing. I love the snow too!

Patricia 2/27/2012:

We took Annie to Diamond Lake for 4 days. She really liked the snow.  She had so much fun running around she was tired at night and slept really well. I made her the snow outfit, but she did not like it as much as we did.  We laughed and laughed because she looked so cute.  She is doing great!

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