Beginnings for Max

Max at 5 Weeks

Day Three Report:

I wanted to give you some feedback on our newest addition Max.  To say my trip home was unremarkable would be an understatement, that puppy is amazing! The box I had intended for him was too small so he rode on the bench seat of the truck next to me for five hours. When he wasn’t sleeping he quietly chewed on the toy and pig ear you provided; I couldn’t have asked for better manners. He was also remarkably unfazed by loud noise and the change in environment after the first five minutes of the drive.

Max let me know when he was hungry and thirsty, and to my complete amazement he let me know when he had to relieve himself. We were stuck in traffic so he held it for several minutes until I could get off of the freeway. One could say it was a fluke, but he did again two hours later. He is very intelligent, attentive, and responsive; I’m looking forward to working with him in the field. I tossed a toy across the room and he brought it right back to me repeatedly without distraction. Not bad for an 8 week old on day one in our home.

We’re working on the crate training now and of course the piranha like attacks on our long sleeves. 🙂 The kids and Gus (our 12 y/o Weim) are getting to know him quickly. Thank you for putting such a quality effort into breeding and raising him, and for the volumes of advice for success. Your care and professionalism are reflected in his behavior.

Day Four Report:

Max has been adjusting to the crate, each night he goes a little longer and the yelping is a little shorter; last night he slept from 9pm to 4am. It shouldn’t be long before he’s comfortable. He’s been very receptive to house training as well, his only accidents were due to a lack of human attention.

Our 4 y/o son had an unauthorized release of Max from the crate and a mess of biblical proportions followed; lesson learned, the puppy’s ok, train the kids. 🙂

He’s definitely an alpha male, but he’s very responsive, and I’m confident that we can work through those challenges as they arise later. I’ve ordered the Huntsmith Puppy DVD’s so we can work on some training before next season. Several of my friends are excited about the prospect of having Max along as well.

Max and his litter-mates with Cliff

Breeder’s Note: Yes, Max is packed with potential, and fraught with challenges. The human-element is always the biggest challenge. If you get it right up front, then things will go well. Jeffrey has been down this road before. Regardless, the new pup will present with unique challenges. Max has a lot of hunt-potential. He needs direction, exposure to birds, and to have a lot of interactive fun each day. He needs to be a puppy! Thank You Jeffrey for a snapshot into your early days with Max! (Jeffrey has not had time to get us photos yet, so these are all from when Max was still at OwyheeStar.)

Max absconds with a feather......

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