The Adorable Jax

We named him Jax. Everything is going good. 

Jax -November 2011

He is definitely a little lover. He initially was velcroed to Emily, but now doesn’t want to leave my lap.

He gets bursts of energy, then likes to sleep on me snuggled up on my chest near my neck/face (I think we have a pix of this somewhere).


The kisses are good!

He loves to give kisses all the time and also loves to bite. We are trying to break him of the biting habit, and the sandal stealing, but he is slow to pick up on those.

The Crate Training is Getting There!

He had a hard couple days in his kennel, but does great in it now. Hardly even cries at all. He is getting used to going potty outside, but still has some accidents now and then. He usually will go to the door and wait. A couple times he has used the bell all by himself, so he is learning.

He seems to be a food vacuum though. He eats a lot, and always seems to want more. I have been giving him 3 meals a day at about 3/4 to 1 cup each serving. He gets a yogurt snack each day and has about 2 cookies a day. He seems to love all the food i make for him. I balance out the diet to make sure he gets plenty of proteins, calcium (yogurt snack), and magnesium (spinach). I read that calcium and magnesium are usually lacking in cooked food diets, but can be augmented with yogurt and spinach. Of course he gets his Nuvet everyday as well. He had his Vet visit last Thursday.

Breeder’s Note: David is preparing a home cooked-menu for Jax. Many people opt for the raw food diet, but in this particular case, David is doing the cooked diet. Getting it right is vitally important, and it is not as easy to figure out as one might think.  David’s dedication will make a huge difference in getting the diet right.

He weighed in at 10 lbs exactly. He had his 4 way shot per WCA protocol and deworming. The vet said that he is absolutley perfect.

He is growing so fast. Pretty soon he will be too big for his kennel. I can’t wait until his immunizations are current so we can take him around the neighborhood on walks.

There are a couple minor concerns you may be able to help with. I don’t know if its normal or if its the diet, but he seems to poop about 4 times a day. It is all solid and healthy looking…its just a lot of it. Also, he likes to eat grass a lot. I try to dissuade him of it, but he runs around the yard, chews on our apple tree, then picks up clumps of dead grass left over from mowing. We go to grab him and he just runs around and finds more. He also has been trying to eat slugs near our strawberries. I don’t know if that stuff is unhealthy for him…but when he keeps at it I just take him inside the house.

Breeder’s Note: Supervision is a key to getting the pup on the right track. If the Weim gets an idea, or they want to do something, or they pick up a habit, then it is hard to dissuade them later. Slugs can carry parasites, and our best advice is not to let the Weimaraner eat them. Slug bait is unsafe. There are many toxic bugs, and critters in the wild. In the garden, they are limited to a few, and one is toads. The curious Weim wants to interact with everything. The puppy uses their mouth to explore the world. Puppies are busy and keep their humans busy too! Puppies potty several times a day. The crate training helps them learn to hold-it for a period of time. Most pups will not soil or wet their crate unless is has extra room. During the initial crate training, the crate should be just a little larger than the pup. It is always startling to see how much pooh is produced in a day, or the number of times they can urinate. As the pup grows, they will be able to wait longer to relieve themselves. 

The lawn can attract the Weim’s attention in more than one way. Some will eat grass, either because they like it, or it settles their stomach. Experts agree that no one can say why they eat grass, but most dogs will eat it on occasion. Unfortunately, they often vomit the grass. Our suggestion is to rake the clumps of castoff grass or pick up the chunks, because these can be a bigger issue. An open strawberry bed means an open invitation to eat berries. Weims have been known to pick raspberries, strawberries, and other garden vegetables. Many garden plants have toxic foliage.  

The Weimaraner will chew on just about anything, and they love wood. They will dig, and sometimes extract a delicious weed. On occasion, they will ingest a rock that can lead to a serious blockage problem. What they eat, how they eat it, and being aware of what is going on, are important to the Weim owner. Bloat is a very dangerous threat to deep-chested dogs. Pups need to learn to eat slower and not to gulp their food. There are special dishes that help slow down the eating process. One such bowl that has been helpful is pictured to the left. Extreme exercise should not happen directly before a meal or directly after a meal. This makes for a challenge when a person is on a tight schedule. Nonetheless, any dog owner should be on the alert to prevent bloat from happening. All these topics we have touched on here in our comments, are worthy of a topical blog. These just pointers that you, as a Weimlover, might want to keep in mind.

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