Breezy is a Versatile Weimaraner

Are you absolutely sure it was me?

oops was this important?

Bark Collars and Breezy

Note: If someone lives with a Weimaraner and they say their written homework or document was eaten by the Weim, give them a break!

We tried another way to stop her from barking. It’s a bark collar that sprays a lemon scent when activated by barking. The collar functions well (I was impressed), however, doesn’t pack enough punch to deter Breezy from barking. I know, you’re not surprised. Needless to say we returned the collar. Distracting her from whatever is making her bark definitely works best. And yes, I do remember you telling me specifically that weims are a vocal bread. Whatever, she’s worth it!

Fetch is her game of choice….

I'm ready....and waiting!

She LOVES fetching the ball. In our house, “ball trumps all” and there’s no way to distract her from a nearby ball… not even with treats! She’s slowly learning to bring the ball back to me if she wants to keep playing.

Breezy October 24, 2011

In a recent trip to Bend, my step-dad, brothers and I went shooting. We took the dogs to see how they’d do (my older brother has a 3-year-old black Lab named Aspen). After leaving them in the Tahoe for first bit, we let them out to see how they’d do. I was so proud of Breezy! The gun shots didn’t phase her one bit. She even wanted to chase after the clay targets! I don’t think I’ll ever take her hunting, but it’s nice to be reminded that she’s truly a hunting dog.

Breeder’s Note: When the Weimaraner is very young, you want to start the process of them learning to bring the ball, bumper, or specified toy back to you. One way to do this is to make a special time for a few throws each evening in the hallway (side doors closed). Then there is not a way to abscond with the coveted item. Later, you might need to employ a long line attached to the collar and reel them in, while lavishing them with praise. Keep-away is great fun for the Weimaraner.

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