Breezy my "First Mate" ~ Summer 2011

It was a fun and busy summer…..

Our summer included trips to the lake and fun in the sun. I’m back teaching as the school year has started. As you can see from the pics, Breezy is doing well.

She will be two years old this December! Crazy! In the past 6-8 months we’ve noticed a calmer Breezy… ever so slightly. She’s learned to sit still and watch us while we’re working in the kitchen or sitting at the table. Of course, this change in behavior is quite welcome. And of course, she’s still very much a high-energy Weim. I’m continuing to exercise her 45-60 minutes a day. And, on occasion when I can’t, she visits a very nice daycare facility in Southwest Portland (Tigard) we’d highly recommend.

Breezy likes the sailboat ~ Summer 2011

Above you will see a photo of Breezy with me on our ski boat. Her first boat ride was entertaining to watch. When we got up to speed, she went to put her head out the window and quickly discovered that there were windows everywhere! To say the least, the ears were flapping. We also went sailing together. She’s all about lounging in the sun, so on a sunny day you can image that went well.

JP, Sara, and Breezy

Breeder’s Note: JP and Sara have done excellent with Breezy. They knew their living situation was not perfect in every sense of the word. However, they accommodated Breezy’s needs. We will not list the extraordinary measures they went to in order to make having Breezy a reality. Let it suffice to say, they have gone to extreme measures, by their own words it was worth the effort. It was their first dog. The Weimaraner can be challenging, but even so, they managed to excel. We thank JP and Sara for all they have done for Breezy, and for staying in touch. (Watch for part two on Breezy’s summer to be posted soon!)

Also Note: The daycare is called Club K-9. They have two locations: Tigard and N Portland. Excellent customer service, super nice employees, very clean. Click Here to check them out!

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