Annie has Goggles…

Annie and Bob continue to do great!

We all went (Annie included of course) for the weekend to the Snowmobile Swap meet in Washington.  She had a blast, a little nervous for awhile with that many people but she soon got used to it when everyone stopped to tell her how pretty she is and pet her. 

Bob started up the snowmobiles to get them ready last night, I took her around them when they were running to get her used to them because they are pretty loud.  She sat on one with me while it was running.  We already bought her boots, hooded sweatshirt and goggles to go riding with us. She did not mind the hoodie but did not like the goggles very well, 

It is hard to believe she is 4 months old already.

The month that we have had her has gone by fast, she weighs 29 pounds.Training is going well, Bob purchased some Pheasant wings at the sports store.  He is going to be off work for a little while now and will be able to work with her some more.  I just wanted you to know that she is doing well and has become a big part of our family. 

She loves to chew everything, I put a wet washcloth in the freezer for her and that seems to help her some.  

Very Old Rope

Breeder’s Note: You can also use cotton bones soaked in chicken broth and frozen. For those who desire to save some money and to get a very long lasting larger rope, you can make one. It is a bit tricky, but buy cotton rope at the farm store. Make sure to get cotton rope. Usually, they sell it by the foot. We buy 6′ and then tie three knots (one near each end and one in the middle. Then we get the rope wet and eventually pull it as tight as possible. These ropes can be either 3/4″ or 1″ in thickness depending upon your need. We like the 1′ the best. They can last for a very long time. The one in the photo was made with 8′ of 1″ Cotton rope and has 4 knots. It is more than two years old.

We look forward to taking her snowmobiling and I will try to get some great pictures of her on the snowmobile. I  was too close when I took her photo I sent you, so I did not get the whole sled in. She is so smart and cute!

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