Kea settles in and begins to adapt

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Whatever Happened to Zeeva?

Many of you might remember Zeeva. She has found a home with Kula Bleu’s family and now resides in the Santa Cruz, California area. It was no small thing to relocate her at 6 months of age, but due to selecting the perfect family she has adjusted quickly. Kea’s formal name has been changed to: A’ole Pilikea–“No Trouble” in Hawaiian.

It should be noted that adding a second Weimaraner to anyone’s home takes some knack. However, bringing a 6-month old pocket-rocket like Kea (formerly known as Zeeva) is a bit more challenging. Even though they have been taught things it is much like bringing home a puppy. You have to start at square one. It is all about earning trust, earning respect, investing time, and having fun. The biggest difference is it is more challenging.

Kula Bleu and Kea are two of a kind. Both are high-energy driven Weims that need a job. They also need the right kind of family who are invested in helping them reach their potential. April and Brent are just such people. Although Kea could have made a hunting companion, she is equally happy being engaged in training. Knowing that she is trainable as well as intelligent made us believe this would be a winning combination. Here is a journal that give you a picture into the first month in California.

Kea and Kula Bleu meet and become fast friends!

Brent 7/11/2011 —

The little Wonder is doing well, she and Kula are bonding very nicely and playing like they should, she does stand up to him which is good, you said she is a confidant dog!. Yesterday afternoon April, Kula and I walked to the store and left the pup to nap in her crate, we coulld hear her bark for a minute or two when we left the house, but she quieted down quickly. We got back 30 minutes later and she was happy as could be to see us and played more in the yard.Our friend Lore and her dog Zeus who is Kula’s best friend and April’s mother and her partner came over for dinner last night, it was warm and we were able to eat out in the back yard, Pilikea/ Zeeva was very well behaved and ran around and played with everyone. She ate her dinner no problem and drank plenty of water all afternoon, must have been a bit thirsty after her journey. I put her down for the night around 8 in her crate in our bedroom and she slept the night through until about 5:30 this morning. We got up, let her out and she did her thing and then we all played for a while and she ate breakfast. April took her for a walk around the harbor and then she went in her crate for a nap and we took Kula for a trail run. We just got back and she is still in her crate and not making a racket so it is a bit of ‘quiet time’ around the house.

That is it in a nut shell, she is a very sweet and confidant dog who is going to fit in quite well around here I think. (I am sure some tears to come, but she is a weim after all!!)

April 7/11/2011–

She is really sweet, really loud, seems to have separation anxiety, pees a lot and has some really bad habits, but, we are all smitten.  It’s really funny that she is an ankle biter.  So was our cat, Rocket.

Anyway, she is settling in, as are we.  It’s hard to imagine her first family gave up on her because, really, she is a pretty good puppy.  Like Kula, barks a lot, likes to snuggle and flings her toys.

Kula is loving the Alpha role.  They have been playing some, I think she may still be too young and reactive.  But, it will all be fine.  He seems to be smitten too…following her around, exploring the backyard and looking to see what she will do next.

The good news is that Brent’s flights were cancelled and delayed today so he is on the way back from the airport and will be home until Thursday.  She will have more of a chance to bond with him.

April 7/11/2011 (9:32 PM)–We just put her to bed.  We did a few crate games today and the The Relaxation Protocol which is absolutely amazing for calming weims down.  I highly recommend it for any age dog.  It does the trick—no barking or anxiety.  Just peace and quite….We really love her.

Brent 7/12/2011 –So after a day at the airport trying to get to work I returned back home last night. The up side to this is I get to spend more time with my wonderful wife and our two dogs!

She slept all night again last night again and really is a good dog. We took her and Kula for a short run this morning and I think she is going to become a great running partner. I kept running with Kula after April and Z  headed back home and Kula spent the next 3 miles looking back to see where the two girls went!

She is sleeping contently in her crate now.

7/13/2011 –I think we are settling on a new name and calling her A’ole Pilikea, — Kea for short. Other than a few accidents in the house she is doing well. Both dogs are crashed out on the couch next to me as I do computer work right now! Kula is already quite protective of her when on walks and again on a short run this morning, not in a bad way, it is nice to see.

Calm Happens (Kea front, and Kula behind)

7/29/2011 — Things are going well, full on but well! I just thought I would send you this shot of calmness. Yes, she does ignite! but she is adorable. Kula and she are playing together so well it is cool to watch. I was out of town sailing, but April said she did really well in class and also they had a bit of private time on the field after Kula’s agility session last weekend and her recall is getting better and better, April said she would come back to her from the other side of the field. We had already taught her sit and down in no time before I left, she is a quick learner for sure.

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