Who Could Ever Forget Wolfie??

More recently Wolfie had a bout with diarrhea. We all know this can happen, but it is never pleasant. Sometimes it can be scary because a bloody stool can make a person fear, there is something seriously wrong. Over several weeks Marcy worried about Wolfie.

Ice Cream for Wolfie

A neighbor dog had Giardia from eating critter pooh.

Wolfie had more than one round of antibiotics. His appetite was off. To entice him to eat, they offered tasty morsels of liver and spoons of ice cream. Both are Wolfie’s favorites.

Despite his lack of interest in food and not feeling well, Wolfie did not lose a lot of weight. Their Veterinary said he looked healthy and his weight was good. That helped Marcy to worry a bit less.

Marcy wrote June 10, 2011 –Update on Wolfie:

I have put Wolfie on probiotics. I thought about your mentioning about the antibiotics he had been on, and I got to thinking that maybe his GI flora is out of whack. He has been on probiotics for 1 1/2 weeks now, and I think his appetite is coming back. His stool is still soft, but it does not look like cow pie anymore. The label on the probiotics said that full effect will be seen in three weeks.

Marcy wrote June 30, 2011:

Wolfie is doing well, and he is eating (and his appetite is too good). His stool is nicely formed. I think the IBD is actually a reaction to the massive antibiotics he received. I will continue to give him probiotics because it appears to make a big difference. I am looking into various probiotics. I need one that comes in a reasonably large size and is readily available locally.

I just wanted to let you know that Wolfie is healed (I believe). I’m trying to see if this will also cure his grass allergy. So far, so good.

Breeder’s Note: Wolfie has a good life. As you can well see he is much-loved. His human Dad is a physician. Therefore, at the end of a long day it is important that Wolfie provides comic relief. On days when it is possible Bob joins Marcy and Wolfie in a trip to the dog park.

Lets go...

Wolfie enjoys going to the dog park and seeing his many human and canine friends. Thank you Marcy for sharing with us. Let us count the ways these guys change our lives.

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