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Note: Thank you all for writing to us about products that work for you! We are always happy to get these tips and look forward to passing them along.

Not so long ago Breezy left OwyheeStar

Breezy at School

Breezy still comes to school with me on occasion. I have to be careful as she draws a lot of attention and can be a distraction.

When the students aren’t around, I’m more prone to bring her in with me.

Breezy ready for action!

She is crated for a portion of the day, but I’m intentional to give her at least an hour of real exercise EVERY day (rain or shine).

Living in a townhouse, this is a commitment I’ve made from day 1 to maintain sanity for all parties! We usually go to a field and play fetch. She recently learned to catch a frisbee, which has been fun.

My father-in-law, who is a professional photographer in Walla Walla, came across this article about photographing Weims.

Though it’s more on the professional side, I thought you’d appreciate a professional’s perspective on the challenges of photographing weims. I sure you’re plenty familiar with such challenges!

Click Here to read the Article!

Are you sure I need another bath?

Grooming Breezy

Sara and I picked up one of these gloves (see link below) a few weeks ago and have been very happy with it’s performance. Breezy’s short hair makes it hard to find a grooming brush that can get the job done. I also have a soft bristle horse brush to take off the dirt (works well). Anyways, just thought you’d appreciate a recommendation to pass on if asked!

 Click Here

Note: JP & Sara are extra ordinary in ever sense of the word. No, their living situation is not ideal. Regardless, they went to extreme measures to raise Breezy. Their commitment is beyond question. Early on Breezy went to work.  They maintained a sod box for quite some time to ensure she had a safe and convenient potty area. Maintaining a sod box is no easy task. Add the commitment level require to  raise a Weimaraner puppy, and it is incredible what they have done. They are not alone. Although traditional wisdom says that the Weimaraner should never be placed without a securely fenced yard, there are exceptions to any rule of thumb. This is one of those exceptions when having the perfect situation, with the ideal yard doesn’t insure success. Breezy gets love, attention, and exercise. She is a vital part of the family. JP and Sara are a good example of how an unlikely situation can work with depth of commitment. The days of the sod box are gone, but the commitment goes on forever. Thank you both for being faithful! JP and Sara have improved on the sod box that you see here and maybe one day soon we can share that information with you!

Oh for the days of summer.......

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