Is the Weimaraner Hypo Allergenic?

If you are allergic to dogs and looking for a breed that will not cause you problems you may need to keep looking. Although the traditional smooth-coated Weimaraner has eyelash length hair, it is not dander free. Those allergic to dogs, are reacting to body secretions. Secretions are absorbed by the dander and in turn dispersed about the home. Interestingly, saliva and doggy waste (pooh and pee) also carry these allergens. It is easy to see how those allergic to their pets would be hard-pressed to evade the issue. Here are three of many links available on this topic:

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No matter the degree of severity, one recommendation for those with pet allergies is to keep their pet out of the bedroom. A dander-free sleeping zone is vitally important for those with serious allergies. As most Weimlovers know this would cause us pause, but at a minimum it would frustrate our beloved Weim. The Weimaraner wants to be where we are– touching us, sitting on us, or laying with us. Anything less can lead to things not so good. Many who keep their Weimaraner in the bedroom opt for crating them at night. This becomes the Weim’s personal safe zone. At the same time it keeps them nearby, but off the bed. By choice many Weimlovers sleep with one or two Weims. This is another topic for another day.

The Weimaraner is not a yard, kennel, or garage dog. They are all about relationship with their humans. Some can stay outside more than others, but most thrive when they are with their humans doing whatever their humans might be doing.

Beyond dander which by all appearances isn’t visible or apparent, the Weimaraner is a very clean household guest. They can run through mud and yet can be rinsed and dried in moments. Unlike the ever popular Labrador, there is no visible hair on the floor, furniture, and your clothing. This is one reason so many of us seem to be attracted to this breed. An ever increasing number of people seem to be searching for their perfect new fur family member, and many are looking for the Weimaraner. There are many considerations before getting a Weimaraner puppy. This is one consideration on a fairly long list, but certainly one that requires consideration.

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