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I kept meaning to tell you, but keep forgetting!  Way back when… when Colt was “growing big enough to come to his forever home” and my every waking moment was spent on your website and/or wandering mindlessly through the local pet stores, you had some information on your website about using bells for housebreaking, which I purchased, and as promised, they worked GREAT for housebreaking.

The HALARIOUS part is that we never took them down because he still uses the bells because we can’t see the door from the living room… Colt is the only one that uses them; the girls don’t.  Anyway, Colt learned very early on that the bells didn’t really mean “I need to go potty”, they mean, “mommy comes running”.

Sooooo… 6 a.m., Colt’s ready for breakfast, “RING”, 6 p.m., Colt’s ready for dinner, “RING”, any time water bowl becomes empty, “RING”, Colt’s favorite ball has gotten lodged under the furniture, “RING”.  I’m pretty sure that in Colt’s incredibly genius brain that little “ring” means “Human servants, come here, NOW”.

If only there where different sounds for different “needs”, so we don’t have to guess what he wants (sometimes he’s confused about what time dinner is “served”, lol).

Chelsea writes of her two Weimars using the Potty Bells…

Here we are day 2 and already we are in amazement at the dynamic between Shale and Miles.  Shale has proven to be smart as a tack and Miles has taken on the role of big(er) brother very well.

He is still a clumsy puppy and sometimes gets too excited and steps all over her but the minute he realizes or she squeaks he starts kissing her and babying her.

Shale Learns to Ring the Bell…….

Miles rings a bell that hangs on the door to go out and potty, Shale has already in the 24 hours we have had her begun ringing the bell when she wants to go out to potty.  Big brother and little sister are two peas in a pod. Shale is already stuck to us like velcro, always wanting to be on top of our feet or in our laps, we love her to pieces.  We are being very careful not to let Miles feel at all that he is being replaced, he gets alone time and kisses often and special walks with Mom and Dad.  Thank you so much for both of our fur babies, they really are our world and we would do anything for them.

Chelsea & Jonathan

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