Wolfie's Bandaged Foot

Here is Wolfie after his awful encounter with a Rottweiler at the dog park. His paw was  treated with antibiotics and was bandaged.

Note: Check out our blog on Dog Park Dangers.

Regarding Wolfie, his negative dog park experience has made him afraid of dogs he does not know and who have an attitude.  If there is a dog he does not feel comfortable with, he starts whimpering. When he does that my antenna goes up and I just make sure he is far away from that dog. If it gets to be quite uncomfortable for him, as when the dog he is afraid of starts approaching him, we just leave the big dog park and go to the small dog park next door when there is no one in there.  He is so relieved and happy when we go to the small dog park that  he starts running and playing by himself. And now that the sun rises earlier and the weather is getting warmer, more of his friends have started going to the park again at the usual time. We have now been going to the dog park earlier also so he can be with his friends. It makes a lot of difference. We also say our prayers for a good park excursion before we leave the house.

Today he ran with his friends and things were generally good except for a time when a black dog approached him and Wolfie got defensive.  I just told the other dog’s owner to get his dog and make sure we separate them. So we stayed away from each other and Wolfie stayed with his friends and ran with them.  Wolfie loves to be chased.  Actually, after the guy took his dog to keep him away from Wolfie, his dog got into an altercation with another dog.  So the other dog owners assured me that it was his dog that had a problem and not Wolfie. When we left, I just waved good-bye to the dog’s owner and he waved back. When Bob comes home from work, his first question is about our dog park experience for the day and how Wolfie did. So I have to give him a daily report on Wolfie’s park experience, except on weekends because then he comes with us to the park. Despite his occasional fear, Wolfie still looks forward to going to the park.  If I am running behind, he starts taking clothes from the laundry basket and would run in front of me with the clothing in his mouth.  If I ignore him. he’ll drop the clothing, go back to the laundry basket and take another piece of clothing until I start getting ready for the park. That is the highlight of his morning.

Note: For many the dog park is the only place that is handy, off leash, and interactive. Most of the time they are safe but as Marcy has shared there is inherent risk. Some people and their dogs are not good citizens. Some people and their dogs push the limits. This causes problems much like a bully on a grade school play ground, however, there are no dog park monitors. The vast majority that use the dog park do so with good manners and rarely an incident. Nonetheless, Wolfie had a bad experience. This will color his view of the more dominant and aggressive canine visitors from here on out. We feel Marcy is smart in her approach to limit contact with these types. Wolfie is not going to back down if one of the small dogs is being bullied or they are trying to push him around. He may be upset, afraid, and intimidated but if attacked he will fight back. This could make for a bad situation for everyone concerned. Here are the previous links on Wolfie’s incident.

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