Quirks and Quandaries…

………The Weimaraner has its fair share

Note: Here is a synopsis of these two words take from two sources: A The free dictionary and Merriam-Webster

  • Quirks–1. A peculiarity of behavior; an idiosyncrasy 2. An unpredictable or unaccountable act
  • Quandaries — 1. Perplexity or uncertainty over what to do in a difficult situation 2. A difficult situation; a practical dilemma 3. Predicament

The Weimaraner can be nothing short of perplexing. Despite the fact that humans cause or contribute to most of the issues that arise, most of these folks had the best of intentions before falling in a pothole of uncertainty.

Just when they felt they had things figured out something new presented sending them into a tailspin. Maybe some of you reading this will understand the scenario for which we speak.

There are quirks but there are also quandaries. Quirks are probably not going to change. A quirk might be a Weimaraner that circles all the way to the door knocking things over in excitement because they are going out to do something fun. A quirk might be a fussy eating habit. They refuse their food unless you stir in the yogurt and they would go days on end waiting for the addition of yogurt and turning up their nose. A quirk might be that they want to go on a road trip with you but they can only load through one door on one side of the car. You gotta laugh because you know these things happen with this breed.

The quandaries are what catch you unaware and sometimes cause a lot of frustration. Our Email Inbox abounds with stories that could be labeled a quandary. Sometimes people use that term in describing their Weimaraner’s sudden behavior and how perplexing it is to them. Here is the first of what hope will be many posts over the next year on this topic…

For example: A California woman worked very hard to get her Weimaraner trained to be home during her work day and have access to the yard and entire house. Every night 7 days a week she and her girl went to the dog park at exactly 6 PM. Ask yourself can a Weim tell time? Personally we believe they can tell time but you be the judge. At about 2 years of age she felt she had achieved a lot with her Weim and one night she felt she deserved a break. After work she went to the mall instead of directly home.

Arriving home later than usual she walked into a huge mess. She described to us how her designer shoes were shredded, her sofa suffered damage, and numerous other things had been destroyed.

She was facing a quandary and was so angry and frustrated that she loaded her beloved roughly into the car and drove to her grandparents house. Dropped the Weimar there and went home to lick her wounds. “The designer shoes” she said, “Do you know what they cost?” “The sofa was not cheap and she ruined it too!”

We didn’t say much only listened to the ravings. Eventually she calmed down and things got back to normal. Nevertheless, this type of scenario is best avoided all together. The quandary of why her Weimar would go berserk might have a reasonable explanation but not one she was willing to embrace during the aftermath of the Weimar Storm that hit her home.

When we talk about understanding the breed it is easy to say you get them until you are blind-sighted by such as event as this woman faced. What went wrong? Here is our take after years of working with this breed and people who have faced something like this perfect Weimar storm.

  1. As we are quick to point out the Weimaraner is concrete-thinking. The stick with what they know, what they understand, and how their world works. Anything outside the norm can present problems and cause severe stress.
  2. Secondly the Weimaraner is all about relationship. That sounds simple right? They are the ultimate Velcro dog.  People say their Lab or their GSP is equally Velcro. We believe that you can create need in any breed, however, the Weimaraner comes with a propensity towards separation anxiety. If they could, they would crawl under your skin.
  3. Changes in your behavior, schedule or routine can potentially send your Weimaraner reeling. They can feel abandoned, get their feelings hurt, or just get so stressed they have to act out.

The only way we know to avoid this type of quandary or scenario is to prepare your Weimaraner to deal with change. If you do the same thing every day your Weimaraner will get into the routine and expect things to happen in this manner.  If, however, you use the concrete-thinking to an advantage for initial training and then move to changing things a bit here and there you will begin to stretch their ability to cope. This process should be continued and be inclusive of all aspects of their training.

To avoid the Weimar perfect storm this woman should have taught her Weimaraner that they have fun times but not every night of the week. Leaving the Weimaraner for a few minutes after arriving home by running quickly to the market and back. Maybe going next door for a short errand. This doesn’t require a lot of work but it begins to extend what the Weimaraner knows and expects. Basically change up the schedule. Go to the dog park at different times. Some days don’t go to the dog park at all but do some other kind of exercise.

Possibly if you never had an absolute routine this will never be an issue but those that do the same thing every day should consider mixing it up a bit. When you think about it this type of thinking is not all that foreign to us humans either. We like to know what is going to happen. We have expectations. We get our feeling hurt when others don’t do what we are expecting. We like to be with those we love and it would be awful to feel shut out of what is happening.

In closing–food for thought. The Weimaraner is not for everyone. If you have a weakness in your character they are sure to push your buttons or reveal your weakness.

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