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Can you tell me the difference between the blues, grays, and silver color?

When it comes to the Weimaraner coat colors it gets complex. We get people writing to us sending us a photo of their puppy saying they bought a blue Weimaraner.  We look at the photo and the puppy is clearly a traditional gray color. We know there is a lot of confusion out there but a Weimaraner breeder should know whether their puppy is a blue or some shade of gray at birth.

Capturing the color accurately in a photo is tricky. The time of day, lighting, and surroundings seem to reflect on a gray or silver gray coat. Colors can be either darker or lighter than they would normally appear. We have natural lighting and a good photo box, and qualityhowever, it seems to still be challenging.

Now down to the nitty-gritty!

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5 week old Silver Gray Fe

5 week old Blue FeThese two are littermates — and the photos were taken on the same day. You can see the colors are very distinctive.

Storm’s Newborn Nursing Pups

Keep in mind colors darken, eyes change, and of course they grow. Size is another guess because you gauge on the lineage, however, there can be surprises. Eye color at 2 weeks is always blue. By the time the pup is 12 weeks old eye color has changed or is in the process of changing. Those that might retain their blue eyes normally become a light blue-gray color, whereas the most common Weimaraner eye color is the light gold color. The light gold color lends to the gray ghost’s appearance.
Color descriptions vary. Color is somewhat subjective. People see it different. It varies in different settings and best seen in the outside light. Nonetheless, you can easily see that there is a vast different between even newborn pups that are blue in color.
When choosing a puppy color might factor into the equation, however, in our highly biased opinion all Weims are beautiful. There are pros and cons to different colors but they are minor. A blue does seem to get hotter in the field during the heat of the day. A blue shows the cuts and scars and often has white hairs where the accident happened. A blue can be called a “tire screecher”. More than one person has reported a car screeching their tires when they are seen along the roadside. Regardless of whether you prefer the blue or not, the gray and silver gray are equally nice. The gray as we see the color is more a taupe color than actual gray.
Wikipedia notes:
Taupe (pronounced /ˈtoʊp/) refers to a dark grayishbrown color. The word “taupe” derives from the Latin name for the European Mole, Talpa europaea. For more from Wickipedia Click Here.

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