Turbo, Hemi, and Sophie Visit OwyheeStar- Part II

The Girls …….

Note: If you missed Part I please don’t miss it!

Hemi is a typical female Weimaraner. The female Weimaraner likes to rule the roost. Upon her arrival she managed to make her presence known. Like every good Weimar female she went to work at taking charge of  Mike, Monica, and their home. Life for Turbo went on because he could just go to his kingdom located wherever Mike went.

In all fairness, every Weimaraner wants to get the upper paw, however, females go about it differently than the males. The males seem to often willingly take a back seat to another female Weimaraner. This often occurs regardless of which one came first. The males seem to be content to bask in the owner’s approval. The males tend to use their relationship to get what they want. While the females are clever manipulators. Their ways are cunning and often unbelievable. You have to live with them to understand. Nevertheless, many folks prefer the girls. We are biased and believe both females and males are wonderful.  Hemi was Mike and Monica’s first female Weimaraner but not their last.

Hemi Front and Center flanked by Turbo and Sophie!

Sophie is a lovely girl from a previous litter born a few years ago to Storm. She actually flew to Kodiak Island and lived there for almost 2 years when her owner made a major life change (got a new boyfriend and a Husky) and dropped her off at the local shelter. The shelter seeing our paperwork and checking with us discovered we were invested in our pups. Monica had contacted us saying they had room in their lives for another Weimaraner if one came along. Along came Sophie. Between us and Monica we covered the expenses incurred at the shelter and to get her to Seattle. She has been with Mike and Monica every since the day she arrived in Seattle. What a fortunate girl she is to be with Mike and Monica!  They appreciate her unique approach to life. She is very entertaining.

Mike and Monica love each of their Weims even thought their personalities vary greatly. Nevertheless, incorporating a second female and third Weim in their home was not easy. It took a lot of wisdom, work, and money. Going from a two Weim family to a third means stepping up to a pack of a different sort.

During the process, there were a few occasions when Hemi and Sophie managed to get into a snit-fit. Sometimes this resulted in the need to stitches. Things eventually jelled but it was a lot of work. The bottom line is both females wanted to me top dog. With them both being adult Weims this made things more difficult. Most of the time a second female can be introduced if it is a puppy. There are, however, many serious considerations. Traditional wisdom is a neutered male and spayed female will get along better.

A funny story about Sophie (pictured above in the truck window). When Mike and Monica first got her they thought it would be a good idea to give her a new name with her new life.

Mike, Monica, Turbo, Hemi, and Sophie Leaving the Nielsens!

Originally, they dubbed her Shadow because she was their shadow and still is in so many ways. Over a period of months they discovered she preferred her original name and responded to that name. So, she remained Sophie. Names are big to Mike and Monica. Their first two Weims were named after something else Mike loves a lot. In fact, they drove their latest one here–check out the photo to the left.

Mike and Monica down-sized from their motor home to a trailer. They brought their trailer to LaGrande, OR (a 2 hour drive west of Ontario) to have it refitted to make things better for their 3 Weim family. What love and dedication they have one to another. We truly enjoyed seeing Mike, Monica, and the Weim kids again.

People like Mike & Monica warm our hearts–Thank You both……



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