Perdy has grown up…

Perdy Decked out 4 the Game!

Go Blazers!

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Terry Reports on Perdita’s progress March 18, 2010!

My goodness, I cannot believe it has been so long since I updated you with Perdy’s progress, but she is doing great.  We can hardly believe she’s going to be 4 this summer as she sometimes feels very much a puppy still.

Perdita on Mom & Dad's Bed!

Along the way she’s turned into a 50 lb lap dog that prefers couches and beds (where she tries to sneak under the covers) to the point that she’ll fall asleep standing up if her only option is a hardwood floor.  It’s quite a funny sight. I’m attaching a couple of pics of her over the past year or so (from my phone, so I apologize from the poor resolution).

Perdy got her own yard a month ago when we moved into a house.  She’s enjoying the new place with frequent games of catch in the backyard and new neighbors to bark at.  She tends to be on the over-protective side in general, though I believe that is quite normal for Weims.

Breeder’s Note: For those reading this Terry is doing a very good job describing a true Weimaraner. They are very territorial and can be so to a fault. They prefer furniture and if they can be on your lap, in your bed, or beside you on the sofa they are the happiest. The ultra Velcro Weimaraner can learn limits but rarely thrives if too many limits are imposed. One thing for sure, they never totally grow up. If you are looking for a pup to get trained and shaped up look elsewhere. The Weimaraner is not right for you! For those of enamored with the breed perfection is overrated.

Perdy (March 18, 2010)

In the new house she absolutely loves stalking the abundant birds either from the yard or through the windows when she’s inside. We’re a couple of blocks from a great off-leash park, which she has really enjoyed as well.   We take her to Doggy Daycare at Dogstar in Portland when we don’t get up to the park enough to socialize.  She loves it there and plays for hours with other bird dogs.

She isn’t really interested in other dogs at the dog park, just the tennis ball, and will even get a bit aggressive (nothing too drastic just growls and barks) towards dogs she doesn’t know that interfere.  That and her over-excitement when we get home or when friends come over are her only two big issues that we’ve been working on lately.  The second of which has been managed by only giving her attention once she’s calmed down though it’s a bit hard to explain that to our young nieces who don’t appreciate the face licks in the mean timeJ

I prefer laps!

I remember reading something you wrote a while ago about Weims being ‘Velcro’ dogs, and I couldn’t agree more.  She’s happy to follow us from room to room all day, and hates being left home alone, which we generally avoid.  She loves food and has been known to eat anything and everything.  Last Halloween she even ate a pumpkin from the outside in like an apple.  She’s an absolute joy and brings a lot of humor and love into our home.  I couldn’t imagine life without her.

Pumpkin season isn’t that far off….



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