Arliss of Vancouver, WA

A Weim V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N!

Arliss & Co on Vacation!

These are pictures of the kids at the beach in Monterey/Carmel.  The weather was not very nice to us on our trip home.

The Beach-under water!

The beach that we run the dogs on was underwater, but had a long walk along Cannery Row in Monterey.

The others pictures are Arliss running the lure coarse this past weekend.   He was a little too fast for the course as you can see that he was able to catch the prize and was trying to bring it to Mom with that BIG smile.

Arliss-Lure Course

Arliss Showing His Stuff!

I Got It Mom!

Annabelle and Abigail ran the course also and had a great time.

Note: Not too long ago we featured Kula Blue who does agility but also participates in the Lure Course. Read More About KulaClick Here.

To Read More about Arliss check out these two links:

Click HereHis Beginnings

Then Click HereTo see Arliss grow!

Arleen is extraordinary is so many ways! A few words won’t cover all her abilities, talents, and interests. She has participated in community activities including an annual swim for dogs. She herself swims the Columbia River. She has a talent for decorating, entertaining, and friendship. Those that know Arleen appreciate and love her and that doesn’t stop with the humans in her life. The three adoring fans pictured at the top are all hers. They share her lovely home in Vancouver as well as many adventures. Arliss is the Blue Weimaraner.

OwyheeStar Thanks Arleen for the Update

We Appreciate all you have done with and for Arliss!



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