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Almost every day someone make an inquiry regarding the use of a slip lead. Slip leads have been around for awhile. The reason people love them is no great mystery. People (especially show persons) have been using the slip lead for some time. Veterinary offices often have inexpensive slip leads hanging by their door. They are also known as British Show Leads. Here is a link to show you the many colors available through Mendota:

Here at OwyheeStar we use a slip lead almost exclusively. We use them if we transport a Weimaraner–our own or someone elses. We keep them in the car. We keep them in our dog bag. We keep them in the pickup. We keep them hanging by the door.

They are easy to grab and slip over the pup or adults neck. There is no need to fuss with their regular collar. There is no worry about them pulling out of their normal collar. One size pretty much fits all. It is have a smaller breed dog you might want to invest in a thinner diameter

Although Cliff likes the over-the-shoulder (or European style) lead for working in the field. These slip leads fit into the auto door, glove box, tackle bag, etc. We have one that is so small it easily slips in Shela’s purse. Although it is thinner than usual it is sturdy and works well. We still prefer the heavier corded slip leads, however, the convenience of being able to carry a slip lead tucked away in her purse is invaluable. Our goal, as you can see is never to find ourselves without one handy.

Since we discovered these leads we have …

  1. Never used a choke collar–which was not our favorite anyhow.
  2. Never had a pup or adult pull or slip out of their collar and break free.
  3. Collars can be more for decoration than utility in nature.

In the past we have made these available to our clients. We may do so in the future. We purchase a goodly number of them during the course of a year. Ordering extras would not be a stretch.

Using the slip lead doesn’t alleviate the leash training. It does, however, afford you a bit more control and ease of use. If your Weimaraner pup balks at being on a lead and pulls fiercely it will choke them and they will cough. Your goal is to teach them not to fight the lead.

The advantage of the slip lead is convenience as well as safety. We hope to do a little video clip of Cliff working with a Weim on the slip lead soon.


~Shela and Cliff

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