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Weim diets and snacks….

It goes without saying, we all care about our Weim’s diet. Sometimes it is hard to know what qualifies for a healthy snack. Here at OwyheeStar, snacks can be varied and unusual. We have read extensively about vegetables and fruits that are suitable for your dog. Over time we have shared various veggies and fruit with our Weims. Sometimes to their disgust.

Some Weims will eat greens (leaf lettuce, romaine, and such).  Others will turn their nose up in the air and act totally indignant. Most love romaine lettuce. They love cabbage, broccoli, cucumbers, and carrots. We recommend limited amounts to avoid gas issues. Cucumbers are clearly the favored veggie. As soon as we cut into a cucumber, we can feel the penetrating eyes. We look up to see them sitting just outside the kitchen area.

Here are some favorite snacks:

  • Apples and peanut butter (no apple seeds, core, or stems)
  • Romaine Lettuce–some go wild for a light douse of oil and vinegar but most will eat their romaine plain. They will even beg for the trimmings.
  • Cucumbers are a popular choice. If we peel one then we save the peels for the Weims. They love cucumbers and a slice or two makes them very happy. Peanut butter or cream cheese makes a great topper.
  • Carrots–we like the baby carrots but any carrot will do. They are not highly digestible so smaller bits are more usable.
  • Cooked pumpkin (not pumpkin pie mix) is healthy and touted to curb diarrhea.  A lot of home cooked diets and raw diets include pumpkin.
  • Green beans have been used by some clients to reduce an over weight dog. These are normally cooked or frozen green beans that are added to the usual dog food. The amount of dog food is then reduced.
  • Other vegetables some people recommend include: cauliflower, brussel sprouts, bok choy, turnips, rutabaga, celery, bell peppers, zucchini, summer squash, spinach, and swiss chard.  Limit quantities and proceed with caution.
  • Dried bananas in limited amounts make a great training snack.
  • Mangos and Papayas can be added to the fare.
  • Berries
  • Melon–ours love cantaloupe or watermelon.

Another healthy snack……..

Homemade snacks can vary greatly and are limited by your imagination. For ease of effort we use some purchased treats. When time permits, we make homemade frozen meatballs.  They are fairly easy in that most of the time they are 50-50 rice and ground meat (formed in to little golf ball sized rounds) and frozen. We store them in a freezer bag and feed them straight from the freezer. Some people prefer making a small frozen pattie rather than a round meatball-shaped treat. Either way we can guarantee these snacks are going to be a hit. At times we have added ground carrots and other veggie morsels.

There is a version of this snack used by Show Professionals (they call them satin balls) to put weight on before a show. The idea is pretty much the same, however, other ingredients are added.  Sometimes Omega 3 or flax seed oil is added or even olive oil.  Normally there are some oats in the mix but then most of these recipes are not Weim specific or grain free. These meatballs beef up their Show Dogs looks and add sheen to their coat.

In addition to these frozen treats we have baked dog cookies with various levels of success. We have also dried various meaty morsels with success. Although hot dogs are not great food some people like to cut them into tiny pieces as a training snack. If you are interested let us know and we can post some recipes for making your own dog cookies. Dog bone shaped cookie cutters are available at many kitchen stores.

Now for all the talk about snacks we really feel a snack is a snack. Too many snacks will unbalance your pets diet. It can cause unwanted weight gain. Some reports have indicated problems with too many pig ears or jerky treats. These were never intended to replace the dogs diet. As with humans, snacks should be limited.

Most of the snacking that happens here at OwyheeStar is associated with visitors. Snacks help with introductions. We also use snacks for rewards and to lavish extra special attention on expecting Moms. At OwyheeStar, treats are occasionally given when Weims kennel-up.  For this reward we use tiny treats. The treat we are giving is about the size of dime in diameter and cookie-thick. It doesn’t amount to much but all the same they are thrilled!

If you buy store bought treats we caution you to read the label. Even though many foods and snacks say a certain meat and rice, they often have more grain than anything else. Look for a grain free snack or treat. If you cannot find one then go with the very small treats and stay with Oats or Barley. Some Weims will not tolerate Oats or Barley so it is smart to give only a small quantity.

We cannot say enough about using treats sparsely.  Treats can benefit a training program, however, you don’t want only a treat-based obedient Weim.  Or worse yet, a Weim that acts-out destructively because you omitted a treat. We suggest mixing in treats and giving them randomly. If your Weim starts demanding a treat (possibly barking for the treat or at you in protest) then you might want to rethink using treats. When used correctly they can be a lot of fun for you and your Weim.

Feel free to contact us about snacks.  We can tell you the brands we are currently buying or other suggestions. Tomorrow our topic is a very important topic.  We think everyone will benefit from hearing about “fear periods”.

Until tomorrow may your life be filled with Weim kisses ~ Shela and Cliff

Note: If you are part of the extended OwyheeStar family or on our waiting list, then please feel free to share your questions, comments, pointers, insights, experiences, and valued tips. Please keep in mind that all of our information is based from our experience and is our personal opinion and not meant to replace that of your personal Veterinary. We are not licensed Veterinarians or licensed Vet Techs.

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  1. Yogi likes radishes. I pulled a bunch from the garden (he was in the house) and brought them in to clean them up. I didn’t share any with him. He must have recognized what I was doing because the next time we went out to the back yard he ran straight to garden area, pulled up a radish, ran back to where I was at, and proceeded to eat the radish. Another day I pulled up a radish and gave it to him and he ate it. I gave him some turnip last night and he ate it, too. He doesn’t like turnip greens, but he ate some of the radish greens.

  2. Pam ~ What a great story. It goes along with Cathy’s weed pulling Weim. I guess the ONLY thing people need to worry about with their Weims is the garden being raided –ha ha hee and any plants that would be dangerous (ie tomoto vines). Did you know tomatoes are part of the nightshade family as are the potato. I am sure you did. Yogi is nothing short of smart, entertaining, and a sweet boy! Thanks for sharing your story. We all love it! Shela

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