Puppy Biting Whoas

The Puppy Biting…..will it ever end?  

Whatever happened to those puppy kisses that didn’t end in nipping or mouthing me?  The teeth are needle sharp.  These and other comments are common.  Of all the issues that face a Weimaraner owner the incessant puppy biting is probably the most disconcerting.

Usually the puppy biting escalates about the time you have them crate trained and housebroken.  Often the most hunt-driven pups are the biggest biters. Even as an adult they will want to put their mouth on you.  This is a sign of dominance and although cute we don’t recommend you let it happen. By putting their mouth on you, I mean you come in the front door and they greet you and then promptly place their mouth over your arm.  They want to guide you inside the house.  They are in control and bringing you home.

Adults tend to be mouthers whereas puppies are biters.  Puppies are all about their mouths.  Everything goes in their mouth.  They are cutting teeth and need to chew.  One thing that might help is to make them a puppy teething rope.  I have done this my taking a small rope and soaking it in chicken broth and freezing it.  This might give them some relief and direct a lot of their chewing to the rope.  Of course this is nothing you want dragged around the house but while you read a book on the patio they could chew, while you are gone they can have it in their crate, or maybe you have another area that will work.

Having things for them to chew is important.  Kong makes a puppy Kong. Here is a picture.  It is normally blue and white or sometimes pink and white.  The texture and give is perfect for a young teething pup. We recommend you purchase a medium sized puppy Kong.  You can invest in a large one for later but initially it would be too large for the pup.  It would be possible to fill it with peanut butter, peanut butter and kibble, Kong Stuffing, or cream cheese.  So, the investment in an additional large puppy kong might be money well spent.

Also, we recommend you hold off on letting them have soft toys without supervision. They soon discover how to shred soft toys.  If the toys are stuffed with fiberfill they will relish the fun even more.  It will be come a game to them. This behavior can transfer to other items such as a couch arm, car upholstery, or whatever tweaks their interest.

If puppy biting seems to be an issue with your OwyheeStar pup please contact Cliff directly on his cell phone.  When you received your puppy we gave you a business card with this contact information.  He can share his bite inhibition technique.  Eventually, we hope to make a little video clip to show you how to do this exercise, but for now he can talk you through the process.

Key Point: Please do not take the puppy biting personally.  If you react rather than taking matter-of-fact action, then you will fuel the biting.  Although puppy biting can go on for more than a couple of months, it should become controllable with a little consistent effort.

Idea: There are two distractions that can disrupt unwanted behaviors. Distractions that will direct the pups attention towards you and allow you gain control.  1.  Fill a cast off jar or can with various coins.  When the pup seems deaf to your voice shake the jar and talk very calmly to them.  This can be a lifesaver if you see them going for something you don’t want them to chew.  It serves other uses too.  2. Fill a spray bottle with water.  Mark it WATER ONLY. Then use it at times to disrupt unwanted behaviors.  At our home, we use this method as a ploy to get them to stop barking.  The squirt bottle can work for a few other behaviors.  A little spritz of water can stop what is going on an again let you gain control.

A Good Read: https://owyheestar.wordpress.com/2009/04/29/dangerous-delicacies/

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