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Adding the New Baby to the MixDetente_3297

We have finally achieved detente in the last few weeks between Rudi and Olli!  It would have been unheard of them to be within a few feet of each other without Rudi either growling or just getting up and leaving.  After all, he has been an only child for 12-1/2 years so was hoping, I’m sure, that Olli was just a pesky visitor!


Engaging and Complex Personality


Olli has really matured in the last month, too, and has such an engaging and complex personality.  He is a complete snuggler but is also Mr. Mischievous!  We get a kick out of watching him fetch the ball in the snow.  He is bouncy like Tigger and full of energy!

Puppy Olli

On the training side, he spent a month at obedience school, and he knows when he is working and needs to pay attention. He still gets distracted as a puppy does, but he heels extremely well and returns when called. So, all is just fine as long as he gets his exercise every day!!

Breeder’s Comments

Becoming a two or three Weim Family

Incorporating the new family member is something that requires patience. Some folks get so uptight when the new family member is not accepted they are distraught. On more than one occasion, people let the objection spiral out of control. Either the resident dog or the new addition becoming aggressive to the other. Honestly, this should never be allowed to happen. Who is in control of your household? Don’t let it ever happen. Be kind, be patient; however, you must win the respect of all in the household. Otherwise, it is a free for all atmosphere that can end in more than growling.

Rudi and Olli

Meeting on neutral ground is ideal. We don’t know what happened upon Olli’s arrival. Sometimes folks just show up after being gone with the pup. They are all excited. The unexpected interloper’s arrival might send the wrong message to the long time resident. We do not believe for a moment that this family allowed Rudi to feel displaced. Hurrah for Rudi. Clearly, they did not let Rudi dominate the pup. We don’t think that was in Rudi’s nature anyhow, but it can happen.

Celebrating the new arrival is expected; however, never for a moment should the resident get the feeling they are being upstaged. The new pup requires an immense amount of attention and work. Somehow a person must manage to give the resident of many years the respect they are due. In the end, it will all sort itself out if you stay the course.  There are allowable perimeters. Don’t force the issue. Don’t get frustrated, angry, or despair. This less than cohesive atmosphere will resolve itself –if you relax and allow the small differences. And as we mentioned, you must require both to be respectful to you and while not best friends, grumbly tolerant of each other. Rudi and Olli make for the perfect example.

It took some time. It required training and follow through. Building a right relationship and setting the right household atmosphere are essential factors in their success. Exercise, training and a bit of knack made for a solid foundation. Olli arrived home in late August 2015. It has taken six months to get the so-called detente. Isn’t is just sweet?










Princess Charlie Mae

Not so Pleased

12705407_10207677661931476_6345842911567328434_n.jpgGetting the look can mean many things; however, there is no getting around the fact that the Weimaraner-owned human knows full well it means.

Charlie Mae

“I am sitting here waiting.”

“Did you happen to see the time?”

“How long do I have to wait?”

“Clearly, I am the only one that can tell time.”

“This better be good for the extra snack cake.”

“I am trying not to be indignant here.”

Breeder’s Comment

Charlie Mae’s family has its own dynamic. She has a less fluffy Blue Weimaraner brother (Murphy) and one of the coolest humanoid sisters–Elle. They go on awesome vacations–when possible the Weims come with; if not they have a sitter. The only questionable issue you might hear from Charlie Mae is the Christmas Light tradition. She just figures it is a Longhair thing–at least for her humans.



Pondering the Future

Goldee 4

Yesterday, we left off with Goldee wondering about the new arrival and the baby preparations. The Queen Bee Diva of Western Oregon may not be quite as thrilled to see the new baby upstaging her. In truth, it is an excellent idea not to let that happen. Lavish your resident Weimaraner with additional attention and at the same time, the new pup should get what they need. Every effort should be made not to displace Goldee. Of course, we know that will never happen.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Goldee loves Grandma’s camera. Terri has blessed us with an abundance of photographic captures. They are a delight. No doubt Maverick will learn to play along. Are you wondering which one is Maverick? He is the smallest Blue Male born to the Sadie X Stackhouse 2015 litter. The one on top. Hello, Maverick!

Maverick the world is awaiting your face captured by Terri’s Weimloving camera.

Fireside and Cozy

Heat MagnetsIMG_3424

The photos of our Weims taking advantage of the warmth–fireplace cuddling, heat vent camping, and under cover Weims are a commonplace occurrence. Maize has moved her bed often called her figure-eight bed to take advantage of the crackling fire.

Like their human counterpart, they enjoy the warm spots inside the house. They still need exercise, and welcome the opportunity to cozy up in a favorite location whenever possible. Of course, there are always the warm clothing options–coats, jammies, etc.

Goldee says

Momma, I really love wearing your jammie short, do you think I look cute in it?!?! I know you love how I more than tolerate your silly antics. We won’t post them here for all to see Momma. 12307403_965405922148_5702300435977838212_o

March Madness of a Special Kind

1981150_729041773796797_555097135_oThree of a Kind

We all know about March Madness, and the Sweet-Sixteen of famed Collegiate Basketball. March is a month when the unexpected dances with that for which we hope. Cabin fever is brushed aside, and despite the fickle weather, we get outside. Unfortunately, this can mean muddy paws–human and other. The battle of keeping the mud outside for some is unending.

No Yard Mud; Try the Dog Park

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City-dwellers, for the most part, can avoid this scenario, but those living in a rural setting wonder if they will ever get rid of the mud. The battle continues despite all efforts to keep the mud on the porch. Wiping four paws that go and come twenty times a day is arduous at best. Facebook posts were plentiful describing the muddy-paw madness. Most of you who were in the thick of the situation live in the country, and have more than one set of paws. Terra took her crew to the dog-park where they played their heart out, and thoroughly enjoyed the mud.

Shotgun; Glad to see you, but in the back Dad!



Young Remi


Shotgun Remi

Shotgun Remi

Breeder’s Note: Yes, Aaron and Terra have three Weimaraners. One is older–a traditional gray ghost girl named Sadie. She is thin, because she has a sensitive tummy. She gets the best of the best, but then which one of these wonderful Weimar kids doesn’t? Colt is the blue boy you see dashing around in these photos. He has been somewhat eclipsed by Remi’s arrival.

Remi is a longhair born to Greta’s 2013 litter sired by Stackhouse. Stories abound of these three Weims; however, Sadie pretty much wants the boys to let her alone. She thinks they are too wild for her taste. They play hard, and come up with unique ways to get in trouble. We cannot thank Terra and Aaron enough for their love of the three, and all they have done with them. We value their relationship. Knowing that it is enhanced by these wonderful additions, makes it worth all the effort. They are more than clients to us. 


Hank is my Name

This is Hank, my new Weimaraner puppy!

My name is Hank, and I have friends.....

My name is Hank, and I have friends…..

Dagny was first

Dagny was first!

Hank spent his first 9 weeks in Ontario, Oregon with his family but he’s getting used to life in the North End (Boise, Idaho).

He has already made some friends, and the cat is intrigued.

                                               ~ Teresa 

Play-Date with Charlie Mae and Murphy

One of my new friends (Will) reported : “Charlie Mae and Murphy had a friend over yesterday for awhile to play!! Hank is a new best friend to our two :)” Here are some photos of their play-date.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hank says, “I think I am going to be needing my own Facebook Page sooner, rather than later.” 

Golfing Weimaraner

Kam Reports on StormyGolfing Weimar

She didn’t even make it nine holes and is all tuckered out, just loving staying on the cart

The Longhairs, part two

Popularity, Polarity, and Placements

Helga and Cliff CThe interest in the Longhair Weimaraner continues to grow. Statically speaking, we see double the interest in the Longhair compared to the Blue. When we speak of interest, we mean people looking at them, asking about them, and accessing information. There are simply put, not as many ideal placements for the longhair; sometimes called the other Weimaraner. Indeed, they are all Weimaraners. There are those that are wild about the longhair. There are others polarized by the different look, the idea of an undocked tail, and the wisps of hair.

We find the varied responses interesting. In America, the concept of the Longhair is new; sometimes it is shocking. A few American breeders have this variety, but in Germany (and worldwide), they are well known. They compete in the show ring, field trials, and are well accepted. They are part of the gene pool.

Shocking, Unsettling, and other than Traditional

Cliff with LH Pups_9092The reasons for slower placement are multifaceted. Overall, the average American thinking about the Weimaraner, is thinking smooth-coat. To mention the longhair variety is often unsettling to an applicant. That being said, there are not as many readily available good placements for the American Longhair. The Blues continue to find homes in quick order. They seem as in demand as the traditional gray ghost variety.

The importance of campaigning the longhair cannot be overstated. They are important to the breed as a whole. We know some traditional American Weimlovers cannot stomach the idea of a Weimaraner other than the one they know (and love).  It is OK if they choose not to embrace them; however, we cannot ignore this varied component. For this, and many other reasons, incorporating the longhairs into the process is important. Interest is on the rise.

Cliff and the Longhair Pups

We have a few (awesome ready-go) Longhair pups. As it sometimes will happen, people waited months for us to produce a few longhair pups, only to not be ready.  It is much too complicated to explain the complex juggling act involved on our part. It includes a list of folks that have their own agenda. We face many unknown factors. The number of longhair pups within a certain litter is a mystery until they arrive. This, indeed, creates more drama than  usual. The juggling act becomes more flamboyant. Sometimes, as a breeder, you end up with a bigger show than you thought possible. Despite the challenge, we believe our efforts are warranted. Those who added a longhair to their family affirm our conviction. Some things in life require participation to (fully) comprehend. This is probably one of those areas.

Featured Weimaraner — Targa

Targa is fitting in well!

Jan 4, 2013Life has been crazy since we got Targa – holidays, stomach flu running through the house, colds too, the snow – BUT Targa is doing well, everyone adjusted quickly, he loves the kids and they love him, hubby too.  Training is going well.  I love Don Sullivan’s information – very similar to Scotch Pines, but even better.  

We are getting positive results for the most part!

Targa’s a bit stubborn, but terribly smart.  He pointed at our bunnie a couple of days after we got him.  And while he really wants to chase the chickens, I can call him off.  I can keep him within the front yard borders with a firm ‘NO’ as he approaches the boundary. He potty trained super fast. He sits for his meals (w/ a high-five) and sits at the door before I’ll open it to go out or in.  I can clean his ears and trim his nails with no issues. The puppy biting is our only complaint.

I’ll get a picture off soon – he’s really beautiful.

Targa at 6 m

Targa at 6 months

March 30, 2013I finally, a sort of decent picture of the 6 month old, and I have a few minutes to send it to you.  A beautiful specimen in my opinion.  Crazy smart and very full of energy.  Loves to be outside.  

Breeder’s Note: Puppy Biting is the bane of most Weim owners. They want to engage everyone, and everything with their mouth. This is never more true than those they love. It seems unending, but with time and patience it will subside. We and others have written extensively on this topic.

Featured Weimaraner — Atticus

Traveling with Mom

Traveling with Mom

Our trip home went so well!

I’ve named him Atticus. Squiggle isn’t super interested in him so far. We stopped a couple of times for a bathroom break. He stays really close and sits on my feet if I stand still. He ate some food, drank some water and spent most of the time asleep on my lap or next to me.

Atticus and my cats

He has met the cats and isn’t afraid of them. They are the same size as he is right now, and they are trying to figure out what this new creature is. Atticus doesn’t have the ‘normal’ dog reaction to their hissing at him, he thinks its a game.

IMG_4849He did really well on his first night.

He stayed in the crate from 10pm-3am. He had an accident, but I think it was because I wasn’t fast enough to get to him. He does cry like he is being tortured though. And he’s very loud. Doing well today eating and playing. I brought him to work with me today to work on the crate training and being alone, but the other couple of students working the weekend shift are spoiling him rotten. Tomorrow he will have to stay home and I can go let him out at lunch. So we shall see how it goes.

He does like to retrieve.

He did it with a stick and some toys. He’s very sweet, just wants to snuggle all of the time. He is quite whiny, but I know that will change soon, when is he used to things and more comfortable. He cares more about where I am, than where the other animals are, trying to follow me everywhere. The leash is on him, but I never have to use it as he never goes farther than a couple of steps away. He likes to come and sit in between my feet and put his head against my leg.

All in all, so far so good.IMG_4847


Thanks for the gorgeous pup!! I’ll send a new update soon. ~Marika

Breeder’s Note: Marika is a veterinary student in Pullman, WA. Her new puppy is a longhair blue.


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